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Coming Soon for sale – the upgraded Aspire Atlantis 2 Subtank UK Review

Have you heard the rumours? Aspire are working on some new vape gear for this Summer…

Those rumours have been confirmed as gospel now, Aspire is upgrading it’s very popular subtank, the Atlantis. First on the market last year with their premium glass simple subohming tank, they may be a few weeks behind names such as Maganus, Herakles and Arctic, this time round, but the wait has produced a really attractive looking eliquid vacuum.

Coming Soon for sale - the upgraded Aspire Atlantis 2 Subtank UK Review

The Atlantis 2 is available for sale on pre-order from the 10th April this month. This review takes a look at what makes this a worthwhile bit of kit to stick in your vape pouch.

New Features

  • 3.0 ml capacity
  • Heat Reduction element
  • Brass bell housing replaced
  • New airflow vent
  • Wide bore drip tip
  • Adjustable ohm coil replacements

The previous tank came in a standard 2.0 ml capacity, which when operating a sub ohm capable mod, sees that juice run down pretty quickly. Aspire brought a range of extenders onto the market to combat this and these fixings will still be available to help users out; this time though the tank is 50% larger to save on additional outlay. 

Running 40 watts on the Atlantis previously, saw the drip tip get quite hot, the new tank has a trim at the base of the new drip tip is made from a heat reducing composite. With the option now of a 0.3 ohm coil, this makes a lot of sense.

The much discussed Aspire cover-up, of 100% stainless steel parts being a little disingenuous when Brass was discovered to be the material for the bell housing – has been put to bed this time round. Even if brass is shown to be just as a safe as stainless steel. Conspiracy theorists will need to find a new JFK now.

The airflow vent has been improved to compete with the channel tunnel vents found on competitors like Joyetech Delta 2. Bigger air vents focused on the coil will mean chucking clouds is even easier. Not that it was difficult last time round. Rip Trippers wannabes, will be more than satisfied.

The widebore drip tip makes lung hits as standard on the Atlantis 2. This is where the magic happens in cloud chasing techniques for pulling out thick fluffy vapour.

Finally and possibly the most important upgrade, the variable coils on offer for the tank… From 0.3 to 0.5 and a 1.0 ohm option. While not the lowest ohm subtank on the market, 0.3, will mean the tank operates within the realms of far more regulated mods currently for sale. Dropping to 0.25 would reduce that number hugely and make it more costly for consumers to want to invest in their new baby. This is really going to send sales of the triple digit box mods flying; we have got our orders of Sigelei, IPV and Smok’s in already.

If you want to pop into one of our ecig and vape shops in London, Enfield, Colchester, Canterbury, Clacton, Southend and Southchurch; we would be happy to show you the right juices to go with these tanks. Max VG, Cloudchasing and 50/50 blends would suit the Aspire 2 best and our stock of Avant Garde, Ruthless and Herbal Tides would suit you fine. For ideas on our best gourmet ejuice or just cheap eliquids, come in and join the Vape Club. #CottonandKanthal

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