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No interest without enterprise…. The Lancastrians versus the Yorkists

“…if ecigs are banned until research is done, who’s going to pay for the research?!”


If vaping is prohibited until more is known about it, which company or lobby do the anti-vaping groups think are going to spend the time and money to invest in such an exercise? 


Investment in research by private enterprise, is done with a forecasted profit in mind. If the idea that a ban on their sale such as Lancaster County Council have usurped upon their market traders this week; before research seems sensible; then one really needs to consider the rationale or thought process skills of local councillors. Never known as society’s elite, this meddling petty demographic seem a little out of touch from turn industry.

The notion that someone would philanthropically invest in massive scale research, consultation and testing, without any confirmed level of support from Quangos, the Media or Public Health bodies – makes no sense whatsoever. The risk reward ratio is skewed in favour of danger and with no objectives that could be reasonably be passed without a generation passing; a great quit smoking aide may be red-taped to extinction.

E-cigs have been around for over a decade now, contrary to what some misguided anti-for-the-sake-of-anti groups would have you believe. Significant testing has therefore been done on the millions of global users of these devices. Headlines relating to lithium batteries overheating and blowing, or individuals drinking concentrated nicotine solution to self harm, are really the best the opposition to electronic cigarettes can come up with thus far. No one vapes concentrated solution, just as no one smoked a concentrated nicotine cigarette; passive nicotine addiction is proven scientifically as codswallop; and plenty of mobile phone chargers/laptop batteries have caused their fair share of fire damage too – not forgetting one of the top causes of house fires being the humble ciggie.


As for the pro-groups, these people that without vaping, would pick up a packet of cigarettes that state in bold terms: ‘Smoking kills’ – they are keen to be able to make their own choice on the quality and validity of each company’s products and claims, not a councillor with no stake or real knowledge in the industry or debate.  

Lancaster Council note in their prohibition of sale memo, that they have:

“…a blanket smoke ban within their council buildings, that doesn’t distinguish between cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.” – Interesting to note that these individuals have failed to grasp that electronic cigarettes DO NOT PRODUCE SMOKE, you think they may have taken the time to understand this basic matter before wading into a debate they have shown they know very little about. Smoke is a by-product of combustion, something that does not power an ecig. Ecigs work by vaporising flavoured nicotine juice, which in turn creates vapour, known to you and I, as steam.

I suppose the council have banned kettles and cups of tea too – maybe this is all just a ruse to combat the growth in popularity of Yorkshire tea. The War of the Roses is not over yet.

If you want to make your own decision on electronic cigarettes and their sale, there is a wealthy of quality research that has been carried out, take the time to google it; it does not however appear on tabloid front pages – it doesn’t sell papers.


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