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Vape in Belfast

Belfast is the capital city in Northern Ireland. Belfast has a rich history in ship building. One such ship that was born out of Belfast was the Titanic. Today, there is a museum where you can learn all about the ship that sank in 1912.

Where to buy vape in Belfast?

Belfast has over 631,000 residents. With such a large capital, there is no doubt that you will come across fellow vapers and ex smokers. Finding where to buy vape in Belfast is going to be a top priority if you are a visiting vaper or someone who lives in the area. 

What to do in Belfast as a vaper?

In Belfast there is lots to do, whether you are a vaper or not. You could take a trip into the center and enjoy a beer by the river. Or play a round of golf at one of the golf courses in the area. You’ll be loving the fresh air, energy and lung capacity that you have in abundance since quitting the fags. 

Can I buy vape in Belfast?

You most certainly can buy vape in Belfast. You won’t be short of places to shop either. The thing you come up against when you are looking for vape in Belfast center is the parking, the traffic and the changeable weather. 

If you aren’t down with getting stuck in traffic or paying for parking, all while risking getting caught in the rain, it’s time to shop online. 

Do you deliver to Belfast?

At Vape and Juice we are proud of our delivery service. We can get products to you as early as the very next day! We know Amazon can do that too, but Amazon aren’t vape specialist – we are. 

We deliver to the following locations as well as everywhere around Belfast

  • Ballyhackamore
  • Cathedral Quarter
  • Titanic Quarter 
  • Gaeltacht Quarter
  • Smithfield and Union
  • Queen’s Quarter

How can I stop smoking in Belfast?

It isn’t easy to quit smoking. Some people seem to sail through going cold turkey but for others, it’s quite the feat. If you are struggling to quit smoking there are free services in your local area that can help you.

In Belfast you can stop smoking with the help of Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. They offer motivational assistance, confidence building, behavioural support and nicotine replacement therapy. 


At Vape and Juice you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to what you fill your tank up with. You will be able to use the filter system on the website to decide your flavour profile, brand, nicotine level and VG ratio. Or, you can just browse through the entire collection if you have the time!

We stock fruity, sweet, drink, traditional, fizzy, cold flavours and so many more. Some combos are exclusive to us, others are the brands that you know and love. 

You will notice we have deals on some juices too. Take advantage of 5 for £15, or a free nic shot with selected brands. 


Having the right device is going to be make or break for you on your vaping journey. Whether you are into cloud chasing or just curbing nicotine cravings, we have a kit for you. 

If you are brand new to vaping then you might want to take our  best vape starter kit quiz to work out exactly the right option for your needs. 

We can guide you towards which bit of tech would be the best option for you via our live chat. We aren’t robots – we are real live vapers behind that chat box. 

Vape in Belfast 

When you don’t fancy traipsing into town, check out Vape and Juice’s online store for everything you could need in relation to vaping.

Our delivery service is fast, efficient and we are a brand you can trust. 

If you are really desperate to see our faces, find out if there is a vape store near me.

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