Vaping Pen Entry Pack


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Vaping Pen Entry Pack

The Vape Pen Starter Kit is one of our new bundle ranges. This PockeX bundle kit features over six months worth of vape atomisers! On average, with the aspire PockeX kit, the atomisers will last between two to four weeks before they require changing. This package also includes six of our best selling E-Liquids. Featured vape juice flavours include menthol, tobacco and three mixed fruit flavours. The battery life of the included devices lasts, on average, 24 hours before requiring further charging. However, this device allows you to use it whilst on charge.


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What are vape atomisers?

Atomisers are small coils that sit inside your vape kit. They absorb the E-Liquid and glows warm when you press the button. This is what creates the vapour with in the device and what makes the E-Cig itself work.


What’s great about this bundle vape kit?

What’s so great about this bundle? You’ll be saving a large amount of money when purchasing the Deluxe Quit Smoking Kit. On average, a smoker spends between £100 to £150 on smoking each month meaning they could buy this entire kit twice each month! Each 10ml bottle of e-liquid lasts approximately five days on this device, meaning you’re getting just as much nicotine whilst making a huge saving.


About The Manufacturer

Aspire are a well known Chinese vape brand who become established in 2013. They’re dedicated to providing high quality products and world class customer service. They’re one of the leading brands within the vaping community.


How to select the right nicotine strength?


Light Nic – 3mg

Low Nic – 6mg

Medium Nic – 12mg

High Nic – 18mg

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Nicotine Strength

0mg, 12mg, 18mg, 3mg, 6mg