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Pineapple Express Broad Spectrum Vape | 10ml

500mg CBD
£23.99 GBP
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Pineapple Express 500mg CBD liquid | 10ml


Canevolve makes a number of CBD ranges of vapable oils that come in a range of strengths and flavours. This is their CBD Broad Spectrum version. This means it comes with terpenoids infused and is less filtered than isolate. 

Flavour Profile of Pineapple Express

  • Biscuit Base
  • Natural 420 Flavour

Where is Pineapple Express by Canevolve made?

Canevolve is a UK brand that makes its CBD eliquids with isolate and broad-spectrum CBD to ensure that no THC is in the e-liquid. This means you can safely vape this product without fear of breaking a drug policy.

    Specifications of Pineapple Express

    The Canevolve broad-spectrum (0% THC) range comes in the following variation

    1. 500mg at 70/30 VG PG ratio

    The reason for the higher variation of PG in higher CBD quantities is simply to ensure that the CBD stay mixed in the liquid. The higher the quantity of CBD and the thicker the liquid, the more likely they are to separate. 

    What type of kit do I need for Pineapple Express?

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