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Doozy Vape - Dream Shake

£14.99 GBP

Doozy Vape Co - Dream Shake

Introducing Dream Shake by Doozy Vape. We all remember sneaking a cookie from the cookie jar...This flavour is a truly delicious chocolate cookie milkshake topped off with a lavish of whipped cream! No need to sneak to the kitchen anymore, you'll be sneaking to the vape shop instead...

Now available with free UK shipping from Vape and Juice.


Adding a nic shot

Looking to get a rush of nicotine when vaping? Perhaps you've stopped smoking but can't quite give up the craving. We've got you covered! Add a nic shot, or, if you don't know how to add one just yet, why not watch our YouTube video explaining how?



  • 70% VG
  • Shortfill bottle - Dream Shake


Doozy Vape - Dream Shake