The Blue by Kraken


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The Blue by Kraken – 100ml Shortfill

The Blue by Kraken is finally here! One of two new juices in the popular Kraken range. The Blue rises from the depths of the ocean to bring you the delicious drink flavour that all vapers know and love. The refreshing taste of an icy blue slush with elevated flavour notes to present this brilliant new addition to the range. The Blue is perfect for all-day vaping, never losing its deliciously refreshing flavour.

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  • 100ml The Blue by Kraken 


How to add a nicotine shot

Are you looking for a little more with your vape? Perhaps you’re looking to soothe that nicotine craving and need to add a nic shot. Not sure how to add one? Why not watch our YouTube video showing you how to add one!

The Blue by Kraken – 100ml Shortfill

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The Kraken


Blue Slush, Blueberry, Drink Flavours, Sweet

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