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Flavour Cloud 60ml 3mg ejuice

Flavour Cloud


This is the main Flavour Cloud page. From here you can find specific types or browse for one you like the look of. If you aren't sure if its right for you. You can also click the web-chat and we can tell you.

Flavour Cloud Eliquid 

Flavour Cloud Eliquid is a 50ml shortfill range that comes in zero nicotine form. The eliquids are sold in a 60ml bottle, this means there is space to add any extras you may wish to add. Such as a nicotine shot of 18-20mg to bring it to 60ml of 3mg ejuice.

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  • Flavour Cloud - Berry Blast - Juice
    Sold out
    Menthol Style

    Flavour Cloud - Berry Blast

    Vape & Juice

    £16.99 GBP

    Flavour Cloud - Berry Blast 50ml Flavour Cloud always bring big, bold flavours with an impressive cloud for those who love clouds! Fruit lovers wil...

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  • Flavour Cloud - MPK Breeze 50ml - Juice
    Sold out
    Menthol Style

    Flavour Cloud - MPK Breeze 50ml

    Vape & Juice

    from £16.99 GBP
    1 review

    Flavour Cloud - MPK Breeze 50ml The Flavour Cloud is a delightful mix of mango, pineapple and kiwi, complemented with a nice cool kick of Koolada. ...

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