SMOK Guardian 40W Vape Pipe


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SMOK Guardian 40W Vape Pipe

Vape Pipe it like a gent with this 40 watt e-pipe from SMOK. Perfect for those looking for a replacement for a tobacco pipe and enjoy mouth to lung vaping. Electronic Pipes, or epipes in our opinion ar a thing of beauty, but vape companies don’t seem to make enough of them. Here’s what we think is the best vape pipe UK vapers will love.

Who is the SMOK Guardian Vape Pipe for?

  • Ex pipe smokers and vapers looking for something a little different with an e-pipe
  • Mouth to lung vapers who want a vape pipe over a big box
  • Those who enjoy high PG juices in their e-pipes 

What liquids do you use with a Vape Pipe?

This Smok Pipe is best suited to high PG over super thick VG e-liquid, making it the ideal choice for newly ex-smokers. If you are in the market for a vape pipe or want some more guidance on what’s the best vape for a heavy smoker, click that link.

The Smok Guardian vape pipe built-in 1000mAh battery should keep you going throughout the day without a charge, and the built-in bluetooth tech in the e-pipe (electronic pipe) will help you to track your data easily.

What’s great about the Guardian Smok Pipe UK Ed.?

  • Built-in 1000mAh battery
  • Easy to use
  • Large OLED screen
  • Bluetooth technology
  • 1-40 watts
  • Short circuit and overheating protection 

What’s in the Smok Pipe UK box?

  • Smok Pipe UK Edition
  • Coils
  • O-rings
  • Charger
  • Warranty 
  • Manual 

You can also get 2 free liquids when you buy an e-pipe with us online! 

What is a vape pipe?

A Vape pipe is really just a different version of a vaporiser. Vape pipes or an e-pipe as they are also known, give people the experience of a classic pipe but with the removal of tobacco. Sadly there aren’t many mainstream brands who make vape pipes, so options can get a little limited unless you go full custom. But Smok Pipe range is one of the accessible lines.

How do Vape Pipes Work?

So if you’re asking how do vape pipes work, then you may be new to vaping. So we won’t bore you with the full lowdown, but essentially a vape pipe works the same as any vaporiser. 

The battery heats up a little metal coil in the liquid chamber, which heats the fluid and creates the vapour you inhale. That’s it really. Here, the Smok Pipe is like any normal device, just shaped like a pipe.

Do I inhale with an e-pipe?

Yes if you want to. The nicotine absorption to replace your tobacco need will be aided by inhaling, but if you just want to puff away on a vape pipe and look like Sherlock Holmes, be our guest. If you’re trying to cut back on tobacco, then you may get crabby with low nicotine levels from not inhaling. It’s personal choice. 

You can read up more on nicotine withdrawal from the NHS own symptoms page.

What’s the best vape pipe?

Truth be told, in the vape pipe game, you have Smok and their mainstream mostly affordable vape pipes, then you have some lesser brands such as Kamry, and custom e-pipes. If you want to know what is the best vape pipe for an average Joe like me, I’d say the Smok Guardian Vape Pipe. It’s why we keep our stock limited in the e-pipe game.

We used to stock Kamry e-pipes here at V&J but found they pipes kept snapping off from the battery base. Their build quality wasn’t there and there’s not been much change to rectify it. 

Your final option is to go custom and you’re looking at the best part of £100 +. So for us, the best vape pipe in the market is this little number and it’s half the price. Let’s get to our verdict.

Our verdict on the Smok Vape Pipe

This Vape Pipe kit from Smok looks pretty smart and is a great item. This vape pipe (e-pipes) is perfect for those transitioning from a classic traditional tobacco pipe. It replicates the same experience with this Smok pipe but without the harmful nasties associated with tobacco and cigarettes.

All in all, we think this is the most functional electronic pipe on the market in the UK as of 2020. Our verdict – stick this vape pipe in your basket and blow it.

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