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Rincoe Tix Pod Kit

by Rincoe

£29.99 GBP
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Rincoe Tix Pod Vape Kit 

Rincoe Tix Pod Kit is a fresh arrival from the emerging brand Rincoe. Known for making more advanced vaporisers including mech mods, this is their first crack at a pod vape.

Our offer includes a FREE eliquid from the Doozy Salts range. Select on adding to basket.

Available in the UK, who is the Rincoe Tix aimed for?

  • Beginner vapers who value product quality over price
  • Those who like a vape that is a little 'Extra'
  • People who want a less bulky item

The Rincoe Tix Pod kit is made by vapers for vapers. Unlike many other pod kits, it has adustable power modes to conserve battery life or boost your vape hit. The range of design styles make the kit stand out, giving you the option of adding some flair to your ecig.

rincoe tix vape kit for sale

What's great about the Rincoe Tix electronic cigarette?

The Rincoe Tix Kit offers the following options:

  1. Adjustable power settings
  2. Unique design styles
  3. USB-C quick charge
  4. Adjustable airflow for all types of vapers
  5. Sub ohm coil option - resistance fires from 0.3ohm
  6. Over-firing cut-off
  7. 10-20 watt power modes

    What comes with the Rincoe Tix Pod?

    • 1 x Tix Pod Kit
    • 1 x 0.8 ohm mesh coil pre installed
    • 1 x spare 1.0 ohm coil
    • 1 x lanyard for convenient carry
    • 1 x Type C charging cable
    • 1 x Cartridge for eliquid
    • User manual
    • Warranty
    • BONUS x 1 Doozy Nicotine Salt eliquid

    Fully included in this vape mod uk edition is all you need for a complete vape kit setup. This is the UK/EU edition that features a 2ml vape pod.

    Our Verdict

    Carrying a more powerful vape hit than many conventional and better known brands on the market, such as Juul etc. This is a pod kit made by vapers. That means, it has a refillable pod system, it works at 1.0 ohm, which means stronger hit and is built with design in mind. In short, they look nice and they have a great reputation for high end vapes. It's why we are stocking this Rincoe Tix Pod.

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