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Vanilla Milkshake | IVG Concentrate

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IVG Vanilla Milkshake Concentrate, 30ml

Sweet vanilla flavour swirled into a creamy milky vape concentrate. This is a concentrate for DIY eliquids and isn't meant to be vaped on its own, before adding PG/VG.

This concentrate and DIY liquids will give you freedom to create your own unique flavours and PG VG ratios.

What kit is best for IVG Vanilla Milkshake Concentrate?

If you are using a cloud kit, with a resistance of below 1ohm or ideally 0.5ohms, then you will mix with a higher ratio of VG. For starter kits you will mix with higher PG levels.

Flavour profile of Vanilla Milkshake Concentrate from IVG

  • Vanilla
  • Creamy milk


  • Recommended mix: 15-17% depending on PG VG 
  • Steep time: 7 days
  • 30ml
  • 0mg