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Riot Squad Review

Riot Squad Review

Join us as we dive into another review of one of the eliquid brands on our shelves. Here’s our Riot Squad review. An e liquid brand with clout, and cloud. 

Who is Riot Squad?

Riot Squad is a premium juice brand based out of Milton Keynes, UK. They serve up fruity blends as well as 100% menthol with a fruit or tobacco twist. 

Their liquids are available in more than just your high VG too. You can get them as salts in varying strengths. This means that whatever kit you have, whatever nicotine you are craving, there is something from this brand that will go in your tank.

What vape kit is best for Riot Squad?

Riot Squad has freebase juice line and a hybrid salts. For the freebase 0mg you’ll want to be using your big cloud kit, with resistance below 1ohm, or ideally 0.5ohms.

For the 50/50 hybrid juice you’ll be best with a kit that has resistance above 1ohm. Pods and starter kits are great for this salt juice. 

What do others have to say about Riot Squad?

Before we get to our own Riot Squad review, we like to check out what other people have been saying about them. 

We headed over to YouTube to get some soundbites.

“It combines really nice, they’ve got the balance really good on it.” UK Vape Life 

“It’s good stuff, go check it out!” Ryan Hall

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Getting on with our Riot Squad Review 

We’re going to look at three of our faves in VG, menthol and salt lines. We will also dive into some of the things we think are pretty cool about Riot Squad.

Juice line

They’ve got such a good range of options for vapers. There’s your 70/30 and 50/50 salts. Along with that you have menthol, menthol tobacco, menthol fruits, fruits, dessert and sweets. 

This is bound to prick up the ears of a wide range of vapers. Personally, I use the Pink Grenade, which is a lemon and strawberry flavor in both high VG and salts. The salts go in my pod kit for when I want a high nic dose, then the VG one tops up my cloud kit when I’m craving some cloud. This means I get to enjoy the flavor I love across both kits. 

Not only that, but it also means you can combine the 0mg 50ml with a nic shot to create a cloudy nicotine juice. Perfect and the best of both worlds!

Unique, bold and well balanced flavors 

Ever seen a juice with yuzu fruit in it or frozen acai? Riot Squad aren’t afraid to use unusual flavours for their blends. They do it well too. There are some juice creators with excellent pallets behind the scenes, cooking up some well balanced vapes.

On the website they write that their Black Edition vape juices stand for creative freedom. They allow the minds and taste buds of the squad to run wild to create some flavours that really push boundaries. 

I actually just found a review of the Smashed Apple flavour where someone writes “Literally tastes better than the food”. Now that is a seriously impressive statement! 

Distinctive shape 

The creators behind Riot Squad have done something a little different with the bottle. Rather than your average style they have gone for a bullet shape. Something that certainly gets some attention on the shelves.

Our favorite flavors

Now, I’ve already mentioned the Pink Grenade, so I’ll take you through some others that I like in my tank, and our customers do too.

There’s one listed for your menthol lovers, fruity cravers and something sweet to drive away nicotine cravings.

Here we go…

Tropical Fury – 50ml

We found this to be a refreshing and fruity vape, with a good mango hit on the inhale and pineapple taste on the exhale. Perfect flavour blend for someone who likes an explosion of tropical fruits.

This is a high VG, zero nicotine so I put it in my Vaporesso Gen kit to enjoy the full effect of some juicy and thick clouds. 

If you’re craving something that’s going to make your tastebuds think you’re refreshing them with a juicy cocktail on holiday, then this is a good one. 

tropical fury riot squad 

Cherry Menthol – 50ml and Salts

Cherry Menthol is an all time favourite at Vape and Juice. We like the sweet and sharp notes of the cherries, blended with a frosty menthol on the exhale. 

50ml is designed for sub ohm vaping as it is a high VG juice. This also means it is 0mg, however, you can add a nic shot to bring up the content to 3mg. 

The cherry isn’t overpowering at all which means that it doesn’t get sickly at all. In fact, it’s a great palate cleanser!

Cherry Menthol Riot Squad Review

BubbleGun – 10ml

A little play on words here from Riot Squad. BubbleGun is… you guessed it, bubble gum flavour! It reminded me of the bubble gum you get on a roll of tape at the sweet shop. Took me right back. 

There’s not a chalky aftertaste that you can sometimes get with bubble gum flavours. It’s just a clean, crisp bubble flavour. It comes in 5mg, 10mg or 20mg and is nic salts, which means there’s a little spicy smell about it. 

Perfect addition to your pod kit with resistance above 1ohm, or ideally 1.6 and above. 

Bubblegun riot squad review



There you have it, our Riot Squad review with some of our personal faves thrown in there for you too. If you are big on flavour, then this is a brand you will want to check out.

You can shop Riot Squad here.

Riot Squad Review




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