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IVG Review


IVG review

Introducing IVG. In this review of IVG we are going to tell you all about the brand, some of their best sellers that you need to try, and what we think of them overall.

We only do honest reviews on brands we have tried and tested. This is a brand we have been using from the start, trying all their new ranges and flavours.

What is IVG

IVG is a premium eliquid brand, specialising in high VG and more recently, salts and 50:50 as well as a closed pod system. The ranges span from sweets, menthol, drinks, juicy, gum and lollipops. There is quite literally a flavour for everyone, whatever your tastes. 

They started here in the UK, before launching in over 100 countries, across 6 continents. They’re a brand who created some of our best selling flavours.

IVG ranges

What do others think of IVG?

Before we head into our own review of IVG, we headed over to YouTube to hear what some vaping youtubers had to say about the brand and the flavours:

“Oh wow. It just tastes like blueberry millions sweets” Danny Wragg

“The balance of the candy and the caramel is perfect” Ramm Vapes

Our IVG review


Firstly, we have got to mention the flavours. When IVG bring out a new juice, we all get pretty excited here at Vape and Juice. Especially as we know just how much our customers (and we) love the blueberry millions flavour. They’re a brand who’ve got some good flavour creators with great pallets in the workshop! 


So you’ve got a flavour you love from IVG, say the Riberry Lemonade one. But it is 0mg, high VG great flavour but you crave the nicotine. Enter IVG salts range. Most of their flavours are also available in salts and 50:50 meaning you never have to miss out on your fave taste.

Hack for shortfills

If you are craving high VG nicotine, then you could add salts to your shortfill. This would increase your nicotine, without reducing the flavour. 

Flavours we rate

In our IVG review we thought we should share some of our best selling liquids from the brand. The flavours that get people coming back time and time again. 

Cola bottles – Sweets 

IVG cola

This is an all day vape. It is exactly how cola bottles should taste. Then you get a little bit of a fizz, which gets more intense after a couple of vapes. This is a customer favourite and one that we’ve really enjoyed too.  

Bubblegum Millions – Sweets

bubblegum IVG

We couldn’t not mention Bubblegum Millions in our IVG review. It is a sweet tasting, nostalgic juice, without being overly sickly. It really does taste like bubblegum. Smells delish too.

Rainbow – Pops

Rainbow IVG

This is a seriously big flavour. You’re going to be getting lime, orange, lemon, berries. Literally a fruity fresh explosion. Then there is a menthol note running through it. So refreshing. 

Nutty custard – Custard 

nut custard

This reminds me of a nutty tobacco, although it has no tobacco in it. Then there is a sweet and creamy custard finish. Really smooth vape.

What did we think overall on our IVG review? 

“Overall, IVG is a brand that we really get on board with. They have some really talented creators making some well balanced and authentic flavours. 

They bring out new tastes on the reg too. We love a brand that keeps on delivering great ranges, over and over. Customers love them. We love them.

Definitely a brand to check out, whether you vape VG, 50:50 or salts.”