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Big Bottle Co E-liquid – 8 Vape Flavours 1 UK Review

Big Bottle Co UK Eliquid Review


8 Flavours – 1 BIG Reason to try

Big Bottle Co UK have 8 BIG VG Liquid vape flavours, all of them either based on desserts or fruity blends. We review the vaping brand and give our honest take on the cloudchasers .

Who is Big Bottle Co

Introducing Big Bottle Co UK. Here is a brand who have a collection of high VG, 100ml shortfill juices in sweet and fruity flavours. We say Big Bottle Co UK, but actually the VG liquid vape brand has bases in the US and the UK. So while you can buy here in ‘Old blighty’, they are being lovingly made Stateside.

We had spent a bit of time following the instagram of Big Bottle Co and it didn’t look like they did much work. We were probably jealous,  

When we first came across Big Bottle Co UK we didn’t think much of them. We thought it was a case of all colourful branding and no substance. But, we are happy to admit, we were wrong.

What do Big Bottle Co do?

Big Bottle Co make big bottles of higher level VG liquids ideally suited for those who prefer clouds and flavour over nicotine levels. That’s their premise and we are going to take a look at what exactly is in their range and which ones pop – or which ones don’t

What do others have to say?

Before we crack on with our Big Bottle Co review, we had a little sniffing around and saw that they had previously been reviewed by Flavachaser on Youtube who had been dismissive of their old line. But they seemed to have pulled it back with his:

“That’s nice, I like that.”

Cracking on with Big Bottle Co liquid reviews

So without further ado, let’s take a flip through the Big Bottle Co juice reviews and give you the lowdown on what each flavour is and how they hit the pallette.

This is our review of the 8 different flavours that they have, some which admittedly are better than others, but that could also be down to our own personal tastes.

All of Big Bottle Co UK are high VG (85%) and 0mg.

Big Bottle Co E-liquid - 8 Vape Flavours 1 UK Review

If you want to buy Big Bottle Co?

Big Bottle Co UK | Tried and Tasted

Strawberry Milk

Hats off to Big Bottle Co UK, they’ve created a spot on strawberry milk. You can really taste the sweet strawberries with a creamy and smooth exhale.

Really well put together. Just make sure, as always, that you prime your coils before taking a vape.

Big Bottle Co - Strawberry Milk - Juice

Summer Drink

Summer Drink is a blend of blackberries and peaches in a refreshing lemonade. Here is where Big Bottle Co UK lives up to their name, big in flavour and bottle size!

I vaped this all day and found that it wasn’t overbearing at all.

Big Bottle Co - Summer Drink 0Mg 100Ml - Juice

Pink Lemonade  

Pink Lemonade is a mix of berries and lemonade. It is a little tart, tangy and sweet too.

The only thing that would make this better is maybe if it was a little cold, but maybe that’s personal tastes here. All round, it is a great flavour, not too sweet. Perfect for a juicy vape.

Big Bottle Co - Pink Lemonade - Juice

Good ‘Ol Custard

Sooooo creamy!

Loved the Good ‘Ol Custard from Big Bottle Co UK. It’s a sweet and nutty vanilla, but not sickly at all.

Vaped this all day and enjoyed it from the off.

Big Bottle Co - Pink Lemonade - Juice

Cinnamon Cream

I’m a real lover of cinnamon, especially baked cinnamon goods, so this liquid had a lot to live up to. Could it curb those cinnamon bun cravings?

It is said to be the flavour of freshly baked cinnamon spiced cake and buttercream. I think they’ve nailed it.

Big Bottle Co UK have created a warm, sweet and smooth vape that actually tastes like a cinnamon cake!

Big Bottle Co - Pink Lemonade - Juice

Blueberry Cake

Another trip to the bakery with this flavour. It is a blend of butter, sugar, vanilla and blueberries to create a fruity cake flavour.

It tastes delicious and the cloud production is awesome too. If you are a blueberry fan, you’ll like this.


Big Bottle Co - Pink Lemonade - Juice

Jelly Doughnut

Here is a vape format of a jam packed doughnut. I loved the sweet vanilla blended with the raspberry exhale.

Literally couldn’t put this one down! Such a nice blend.


Big Bottle Co - Jelly Donut - Juice

Why try Big Bottle Co UK?

Overall, Big Bottle Co UK have some really well balanced flavours. I didn’t find any of them to be sickly or overbearing. They also tasted like what they were supposed to and had excellent cloud production.

What’s the right kind of kit?

Big Bottle Co UK are all 85% VG. This means that they are best used in your sub ohm kits with resistance below 0.5ohms. The juice is thicker than your standard 50/50 PG so you will need to make sure you prime your coils and be sure that the wick is fully saturated before taking a puff.

Is there any nicotine?

All of Big Bottle Co UK are 0mg. However, you can add up to two nic shots to make it a maximum of 6mg.

If you are craving a stronger dose of nicotine then you might be better suited to a high PG, which go up to 18mg. However, you’d want to use a more modest kit for this, or a pod device.

Our Verdict

@vapeandjuiceuk | David

I always have a place in my heart for US made juices, it’s the home of the cloudchaser. But with a lot of the rules and regulations changing the landscape over there, we haven’t seen as much fun heading our way. Big Bottle Co is a solid brand. The price is good for a higher VG liquid that tastes like this. Are there better flavours out there? Sure – but I’m not disappointed particularly when it comes to their dessert flavours. Fair play

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