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Juul Pods | Mango Nectar 18mg 4 Pack

by Juul
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£11.99 GBP

Juul Pods | Mango Nectar 18mg 4 Pack

Known as Mango Nectar, this is Juul's deep fruit pod offering.

  • 4 pack of EU standard Juul pods 
  • Tropical Fruit Flavour for the Juul kit
  • 18mg nicotine | 1.8%
  • Each pod contains 0.7ml eliquid
  • Approximately 200 inhales for each Juul pod

Juul vape pods available to buy in 4 packs, totalling 2.8ml of eliquid, or approximately 800 puffs for the pack. 

When the pod begins to taste burnt or appears empty it is time to change the pod out.

Tropical Mango Nectar Juul Pods

Mango Nectar Juul pods are an alternative for tailormade or menthol cigarettes. They deliver a lush fruit taste or so the aim is with the flavouring. 

Can I use other pods with Juul vape kits?

Juul advise to use only their own pods for best results and to avoid disappointment...