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Double Apple, Nasty Juice Fix

Nasty Juicy Fix Double apple is an apple explosion. It has the flavour of sweet and ripe red apples on the inhale and crispy green apples on the exhale. 

What is Nasty Juice Fix?

Nasty Juice Fix is a disposable device that is developed to ensure everyone can enjoy the same Nasty Juice flavours in the easiest way. Nasty Fix is all about giving the user a easy vape experience. 

Flavour profile of Double Apple:

  • Red apple
  • Green apple 


  • 20 mg nic salts 
  • Compact & light
  • Easy to use
  • 675 puffs
  • 700mAh battery

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Nasty Juice


Apple, Fruit Flavours



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5 for 4 Disposables

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