The Cotton Candy Collection – Standard


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The Cotton Candy Collection – Standard

The all-new Cotton Candy Collection is organically grown and refined using a steam extraction distillation process specifically formulated for casual vaping and cloud chasing alike.

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From the coil to the soil;

The Cotton Candy Collection is exclusively composed for vaping without the harmful use of chemicals. The cotton is organically grown so there are no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, or insecticides used during cultivation. It’s harvested using sustainable methods and refined using a simple distillation process which safely removes the natural oils.

Each bail of cotton is meticulously tested to guarantee the product is in accordance with USP General Chapter 670.

The process used to perfect the cotton does not affect the integrity of the fibres, leaving you with a pure, durable wick that doesn’t demand constant changing. Cotton Candy does not require a “break-in” period, meaning users are able to enjoy their juice immediately (with no undesirable flavours).


The Cotton Candy Collection – Standard

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