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Ruthless Eliquid Review

Ruthless e liquid review

We’ve had Ruthless stocked on our shelves for a few years now and they really have come up as one of the best vape brands. Not only is their flavouring spot on, their branding is pretty eye catching too. But, more of our views later in our Ruthless e liquid review. 

For now, let’s look at who Ruthless are, where it all started and the other brands under the Ruthless umbrella. 

Who are Ruthless?

Set up in 2011 and one of the first big brands to come out of America, Ruthless is a ejuice manufacturer out of Southern California. They’re a vape company who pride themselves on their quality control, fine ingredients and super thick clouds. 

What do Ruthless eliquids do?

Ruthless is the brand that started it all. But since then, a few other brand extensions have come from them. 

  • Loaded 
  • Twist Loaded
  • Over Loaded e-juice
  • Ruthless rewind
  • Pleasure factory
  • Ravve

The collections range from super high VG to nic salts. This allows you to get your high dose of nicotine in the same popular flavours as the big cloud juice. 

grape drank by Ruthless E Z Duz it Ruthless eliquid 

What others think of Ruthless 

“This one is sweet, but not too sweet.” Vape Passion YouTube

“My all time favourite all day all week ,.. Month , year ‘ vape. Super smooth. Absolutely nothing at all out there any smoother than this vape. Lovely flavours. Not too sweet et.” Amazon Review 

Our Ruthless ejuice review

Ruthless ejuice is still one that finds its way into envelopes ready for shipping. Even though their classic age old flavours have been going for years, people are still buying them. EZ Duz It, Grape Drank and Swamp Thang are being ordered on the reg.

Their liquids have been well ahead of the curve in terms of flavour and cloud production. Over the last few years there have been more smaller companies doing similar things, but Ruthless really was one of the first. People will always go back to them for one simple fact, their juices are good. 

Let’s dive into a Ruthless review of our best sellers. 


E Z Duz it ruthless review

I was excited by this one. I loved the sound of a juicy strawberry on the inhale and a tropical watermelon on the exhale. This is my kind of flavour.

You know what, it didn’t let me down. The watermelon and strawberry blend is a match made in heaven. Perfectly balanced, these flavours really compliment each other. Easily an all day vape this one. Cloudy, fruity and flavourful. The 90% VG content really did come through with huge clouds filling the room! 

This one is also available ‘on ice’. A cool menthol blended with the watermelon and strawberry would really enhance this vape. Nic salts is available in this flavour to. Win. 


swamp thang ruthless eliquid

Things were getting cloudy with Swamp Thang. Another high VG at 85%, promising to fill the room with apple candy flavoured clouds. 

Swamp Thang has a sweet and sour apple taste. Kind of reminded me of a sour apple sweet that makes you pull the face as you get to a sour center. Really smooth and sweet throat hit.

Swamp Thang on Ice is great if you like a little bit of menthol with your candied apple. Makes it really refreshing .


grape drank ruthless review

I’m a huge fan of grape. This one really did remind me of a fizzy glass of grape soda on the inhale, then on the exhale there was a sort of grape gum undertone. Which is exactly what it is meant to taste of! It is sweet, but not overpowering. I think it’s a decent grape flavour, with a slight fizz to it. 

Also available on ice for a cooling menthol exhale and nic salts.

Best Ruthless ejuice for clouds

If you are looking to get cloud and proud then you will want to use a high VG shortfill. These are up to 90% VG, which means the juice is thick and ready to make some serious vapor. 

You’ll be best putting high VG juice in your cloud kits as they are designed for sub ohm vaping.

Best Ruthless ejuice for an ex smoker 

If you have just quit the cigs, then chances are you’ll want a higher dose of nicotine. Particularly if you have been a heavy or heavy-ish smoker. 

We’d suggest that you try Ruthless nic salts. These should keep cravings at bay longer and are best suited to your more simple kits, such as pods and pens. 

Ruthless E-Juice Review 

We’re not surprised that Ruthless have made such a good reputation for themselves over the years. Or that people keep coming back to the same flavours. 

I found their three arguably most popular juices to be great all day vapes, not sickly and with the menthol addition they were pretty refreshing too. 

Love the fact that you can buy a nic salt e liquid in the same flavor. Little hack here. Add a nic salt to your big bottle if you are craving nicotine. This will mean that the flavour doesn’t get diluted with a plain old nic shot. 

Just remember, nic salts are not suitable for sub ohm vaping. For your cloud kits you want the high VG juice. For your pods and to curb nicotine cravings, use the salts. This will mean you get the best experience from your Ruthless e-juice.

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