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What is an e-cigarette? 

An electronic cigarette (or e-cig), shish stick, vape pen or digital vapor device is a battery or USB powered device which simulates smoking the old-school variety of cigarettes. It generally uses a heating element known as an atomiser (Or cartomiser) that vaporises a liquid solution known as e-juice.

What is a 'Mod'?

A 'Mod', is a modifiable vaping device. It allows for modifications and customisation to change, improve or alter the experience. This includes battery changes, juice chamber enhancements etc.

What is the difference between a pen style ecig and a box vape?

Sometimes not a lot, sometimes it's just cosmetic. Other times its about battery life and also functionality. Pen style devices generally are more simple to use, but are more entry level. They don't usually feature a digital screen to help you monitor the battery level and they don't have variable features. Box devices will often be a little sturdier, longer battery life and have more upgrade ability.

What is vaping?

Vaping is the act of using an e-cig to vaporise e-juice. Either nicotine or nicotine free, in a range of flavours. Eg: "We quit smoking cigarettes and only vape now"

What is e-juice?

E-juice is a liquid solution that is found within e-cigs or manually inserted into a vape tank by the user to be vaporised. Some solutions contain a mixture of nicotine and flavourings, while others release a flavoured vapour without nicotine. That's right, you can vape nicotine and tobacco free too. The rest of the liquid is made up of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). PG is generally used to suspend flavourings in; it also helps with creating a throat hit along with nicotine - it is a runny solution. VG is thicker/gloopier and is found in liquids that are made to be less harsh in taste and make bigger clouds.

Most starter eliquids are higher in PG so they can work well with starter kits. If you use high PG liquids in more powerful sub-ohm devices, they have a tendency to leak due to over absorption of the cotton in the big coil head, due to being runnier. 

What is the right nicotine level for me?

E-juice comes in a range of nicotine strengths, from zero nic, (none whatsoever) to high, 18mg. The level of nicotine in your vape juice will vary, depending on the device you are using and the number of cigarettes you smoke per day beforehand. As a rule of thumb, we advise those using sub-ohm or high powered cloud devices to not go higher than 6mg. For those getting started with vaping, we suggest this general guideline to get cracking with:

  • 1-7 cigarettes per day: 3mg - 6mg
  • 8-13 cigarettes per day: 12mg
  • 14 cigarettes and above: 18mg

This will vary person to person and if you are using a device that has an atomiser or coil below 1.0 ohms (more on those later) you will want to use 6mg if you smoke 8+ per day, or 3mg beneath that. 

For some, zero nicotine alone does the job, as its simply the placebo of replacing a habit that helps them. 

What is a coil/atomiser?

These are the little bits of metal with cotton and wire in, that help the machine vape. When they are screwed in properly, the battery connects with them and makes the little coil inside glow hot. This in turns warms up the cotton that has absorbed the eliquid and creates the vapour. As they get used frequently, the cotton can start to clog up and taste less good, leading to the coil burning out. To avoid this, make sure the coil is always moist before vaping and avoid chain vaping where possible without breaks. The cotton needs time to reabsorb the liquid. Depending on the power you use and the device you have, these will need replacing every 1-3 weeks. Lower power devices demand less regular coil changes.

What are ohms and resistance?

They relate to the same thing but an ohm is a unit of measurement. It measures the amount of resistance in the electrical circuit. In simple terms, it means: 'How much power can get into the liquid to vape it'. Therefore a high ohm eg: 1.6 will allow less power into the tank. This produces smaller clouds, uses up less liquid and makes the battery laster. It often struggles though with thicker more fancy liquids and gives less of a 'wallop'. That said, higher ohm coil devices are fantastic for those getting started with vaping and the fact they have a higher battery life and work well with starter eliquids should be seen as an advantage to new vapers.

Low ohms, or 'Sub-ohm' means less than 1.0. These types of coils are used by cloudchasers who want a warm vape, big cloud hits and to use thicker 'high vg' liquids. They will tire your batteries out quicker but if you are looking for big clouds, look for a device that can accomodate a tank with 0.something ohms.

I want to get big clouds, how do I do them?

What makes big thick clouds in vaping is down to a number of factors. Primarily, these are:

  • Sub-ohm resistance coils in a tank
  • Big airflow vents in a tank
  • High wattage in your vape device
  • High VG in your liquid
  • Wide drip tips

One of the key factors here is down to your eliquid having a high 'VG' level. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin, which is a thick non toxic liquid used to make cloudy vapours in eliquid. VG is found in ice cream and children's cough syrup too, so if you consume it, its perfectly harmless. (Just wouldn't recommend it, as its flavourless). The higher the level of VG in an eliquid, the thicker the clouds it can produce are. Your standard petrol station or supermarket eliquids are usually low in VG, as the ecigs they sell are the low powered variety and they wouldn't be able to handle them. Because VG is thick, it requires a tank with a large open area for the cotton. This means its easier for those coils to absorb the VG over other coils. Tanks that are great for this are the Cleito range. Check out the Aspire Exo here. Its great for clouds and for flavour.

Wide drip tips allow you to do what is called a direct to lung hit. This sucks out more cloud in one inhalation and therefore means you are going to exhale a lot more too. Airflow in the tank helps with this too. Open airflow works hand in hand with this.

High wattage working in partnership with low resistance coils (sub-ohm), means more power can hit the liquid, vapourising more at one time and thus making the clouds thicker and denser.

There you have it, the steps to making bigger clouds. Want a recommendation on a ready to go cloud kit? Check out this link for some of our cloud devices.

What is TPD and this 2ml capacity stuff about?

TPD stands for the Tobacco Products Directive, which is an EU tobacco regulation which has included electronic cigarettes for the first time. It came into force in 2015 and 2017 respectively and namely has a few impacts on vaping.

  1. Vape tank capacity on sale must not exceed 2ml
  2. Eliquid strength of nicotine to not exceed 20mg
  3. All nicotine containing eliquids must be tested by a toxicology and emissions testing centre and approved for sale by the MHRA. A government body that oversees health products. This regulated eliquids for the first time. 
  4. Eliquid bottles must not exceed 10ml if they contain nicotine.

There are some tank workarounds to improve capacity and we also sell big bottles of zero nicotine. Pop into store or ask us on the live chat for more information.

What are analogues?

In the vaping world; e-cigs are referred to as digital devices, while conventional 'fags' are often known as analogues. Eg: "Move with the time folks, quit analogue and switch to digital"

Is vaping safe?

While there is no long term historical study of the effects of vaping with e-juice; it would be misleading to say it is proven to be safe. Thats a strict legal term and we wouldn't want you to vape without considering this; however vaping does not involve the use of tobacco, which immediately removes over 4000 chemicals from the equation, including 60+ elements that are known to be carcinogenic.

We have our own opinions, it is up to you to decide yours.

Is vaping healthier than cigarettes?

Vaping involves flavouring oils and nicotine solution. Smoking conventional cigarettes, includes 4000 chemicals of which a high number are known to cause cancer. Smokers inhale Carbon Monoxide, those fumes that old cars emit by the bucketload; vapers don't. It is illegal in the UK to suggest e-cigarettes will stop you smoking, it is also illegal to say they are a healthy aide. This is because it would need to be approved as a medication beforehand. Whether they are 100% healthy remains to be seen with long term research. This type of research may take many decades realistically.

Deborah Arnott, of the UK charity ASH 'Action on Smoking and Health', said in a BBC interview:
"We do need better data on safety and appropriate regulation for e-cigarettes, although these products are certain to be significantly less hazardous than cigarettes, which lead to premature death in half all long-term users."

The BBC continued to state in 2010:
"UK estimates suggest around one in ten has already tried them."
4 years later there still have been no significant balanced studies on the impacts of e-cigarettes.

Is vaping expensive?

For a 20 a day smoker in the UK, the costs for this addictive habit is between 2500-3000 GBP per year. For an e-cig user, one could achieve the same quantity of nicotine delivery and use for approximately 500 GBP per year. This covers the costs of the e-juice, which comes in a wide range of flavours and strengths. The cost of your vape device is literally down to how much customisation and control you want over your 'Throat hit'. From long life battery additions, to the ability to change the amount of pull required; there is really a limitless amount of modifications you can achieve. Beats cigarettes hands-down for usability. From budget and starter kits to premium high performance gadgets, our in-house Professor Vape can point you in the right direction.

Is it complicated?

No, not really. Don't be put off by the advanced kits we offer, we can point you in the right direction for a great cost effective starter solution. We want to teach you why we love vaping and if Professor Vape isn't on hand right away, tweet us @vapeandjuiceuk for a chat. Our advice is free even if you see something you want elsewhere. We like to think of ourselves as connoisseurs; so if you find a great new flavour or gadget and we don't stock it, we will send you a free gift if we do.

Are cigarettes stronger than e-cigarettes?

No not necessarily. The throat hit you feel when you drag on a cigarette is replicated exactly with e-cigs. What creates the feeling of smoke hitting the back of your throat is very simply, the level of nicotine you inhale. Thats the nicotine and not the tobacco. With e-cigs you can control the amount of nicotine you want in your e-juice. If you want ultra low or zero nicotine, we can provide that for you; alternatively if you crave a super strong vape, we stock the very stuff for you. From 0mg to 24mg, e-cigs that allow you to insert e-juice directly give you full control.

NB: In your local newsagents, petrol stations and supermarkets, you may have seen e-cig devices that look like traditional cigarettes. We don't stock those, we just don't see how they benefit a user and look like the very items that are banned in public places. If you want to vape, the beauty is in full control of flavours, strengths, customisation AND discretion. Please don't compare vaping to cigarettes based on those.

Does vaping have tobacco in?

Very simply: NO. No tobacco, therefore no smelly clothes and no bad breath.

How are e-cigarettes powered?

E-cigs are powered more often than not by batteries. Rechargeable or replaceable, some e-cig modifiable devices (Mods) allow for packing with long life batteries. This is great if you are away on holiday or expect long usage without being able to charge.

How long do e-cigarette batteries last?

As long as the batteries last. This depends on the type of battery, size of battery and whether you can insert your own batteries. Some are rechargeable only; others take long life batteries. This is where the customisation factor really comes into it's own. If you grow to love your vaping stick, you can upgrade to a 'Mod' that lets you add long life power.

How do I ensure I can always top up my e-cigarette when I'm away?

We offer discounts on larger e-juice bottles, but if you use a shisha stick, Mod or whatever you go on to name your gadget; you can source any company's juice internationally. Unlike the cigarette imitation E-cigs that you see on the shelves; you don't become a slave to their replacement cartridges. Juice is juice; you can top up with ours or from another supplier. You can take your gadget backpacking, on business or on a city break. Vaping is the disruptive industry of the e-cig world. We are consumer driven, our products work to your benefit not to the manufacturers. This is why we don't sell cartridge base e-cigs such as brands E-Lites, Skycig, Tenmotives etc.

Are there any online forums I can join in order to connect with other Vapers?

Yes, we've found sites such as The Vapers Den to be really helpful. This particular forum is a great place to meet and chat with other Vapers. Why not check them out and see for yourself?



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