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Fantasi Review

Fantasi review

Who is Fantasi?

Fantasi is a juice brand that came out of Malaysia. You might notice something familiar about their branding, remind you of a certain fizzy drink perhaps? 

They’ve been on the vaping scene for a fair few years now and have built up a good reputation for quality juice at a reasonable price.

What eliquids do Fantasi do?

Fantasi do fizzy drink style flavours that are blended with fruits and varying strengths of menthol. There are a few ranges within their brand, such as:

  • Zero which has no mint
  • Ice which is cold 
  • Normal which is low mint

The juices are all high VG at 70/30. At Vape and Juice we stock the 100ml shortfill, which you can add nic shots to if you are craving nicotine with your cloud. 

The VG content means that these juices are designed for sub ohm vaping. You’ll be wanting to top up a cloud kit to enjoy Fantasi.

fantasi apple  fantasi orange soda

What do others say about Fantasi?

‘Inhale, nice bit of citrus, on the exhale you get the sweetness of the lemonade.’

‘If you’re a soda fan, I recommend the Lemonade from Fantasi’ The Scots Review, YouTube

fantasi review

Our Fantasi review 

What we like about Fantasi

  • Flavour 

Taste is of course subjective, but we have heard from some that the cold is sometimes just a little too cold. This is why it is great that they’re offering Fantasi in different variations of menthol. Here are some of the flavours we’ve enjoyed in both Ice and normal. 

  • Orange 
  • Grape
  • Apple
  • Mango
  • Lemonade

Just below I share my review of the best selling Fanstasi juices.

  • Sweet

Be aware that malaysian brands often use a little more sweetener in their flavours. This means that it can gunk your coils a little faster so you’ll need to keep them clean to work well. Make sure you know how to care for your coils otherwise you might reduce the life of your coils.

  • Branding

Here is a brand that doesn’t try to do everything. Instead, they do one thing really well. And that is fizzy drink flavours. Their branding is just far enough away from the well known soft drink brand, but close enough so you get the hint to what they’re about. 

The smaller bottles come in a 55ml aluminium bottle with a glass dripper. The 100ml shortfills are in your traditional vape bottles 

  • Cold variations – Low mint, ice, zero 

Cold or not, Fantasti is super refreshing. I like the fact that there are options when it comes to the menthol. You can enjoy the same sweet flavour, with or without the mint. 

Best selling Fantasi reviewed 


0mg, 70 VG, 100ml

First up. Let’s look at the classic orange. If you love orange soda then this is a flavour you will recognise from the moment you take the lid off the bottle. The smell is strong and the flavour is too. 

It’s really nice with a super smooth inhale. Then there is a coolada which isn’t overpowering at all, but it just gives that refreshing, just had a glass of soda kind of feel.  

orange fantasi review


Apple, 0mg, 70 VG, 100ml

Apple soda is probably one of my favourite fizzy drinks, so I was excited to try this one. It really didn’t disappoint. It has a very strong and sweet apple flavour with a sort of fizz to it. I tried the normal here, which didn’t have added menthol. I imagine that the addition of ice would be really refreshing.

Fantasi apple review 100ml 


0mg, 70 VG, 100ml

Ahh, a sweet and potent grape flavour, just like grape soda! It is well balanced and leaves a nice taste in the mouth. However, if you’re not a fan of the sweet grape or find it gets sickly, then this might not be quite right for you. 

Like a colder vape? Try this one on ice. Super refreshing and the after taste is spot on. 

Grape fantasi review   


Fantasi review from Vape and Juice UK