How to change an Aspire Cleito coil

How do I change the Cleito coil on my Aspire tank?

If you are having issues changing your Cleito coil on your Aspire subtank, Steve from Vape and Juice TV is here to give you some tips.

How do I know when a vape coil needs changing?

There are a number of ways to know if you need to change your Aspire Cleito Coil, one of those is simply taste. If you find the vape juice is tasting a lot less like it did when the coil was fresh, that's usually an indicator it's time to change them up. You may even notice a burnt tinge, that means the cotton in the coil has had it, and will want replacing.

I can't get the coil out of my Cleito, any tips?

Well prevention is better than cure. This means when refilling your tank, take your tank off the vape mod or each time you screw the lid closed, you will be making it that bit harder to get the tank off.

Not taking the tank off to give it a wipe, will mean residue vape juice that can come out, will act like an additional obstacle for getting the tank off. 

Finally if you can't get it off. Try some WD40 on the point where the tank meets the mod and use a set of metal grips with a piece of flannel between the tank and the tool to carefully unscrew it with the help of the lever effect. Be careful not to crack the glass and make sure the grips are in contact with the metal tank base and not the pyrex glass.

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