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How long do Ecig Atomisers last for?

Ecig atomisers really do vary in how long they last for, which comes down to three major factors:

    Type of liquid used – Is it made with Sweeteners – is it thick?

  1. Frequency of use – Are you chain vaping?
  2. Power/wattage used – 3.7 volts is the peak efficiency level where there is a balance of cloud, flavour and hit. Go too high and you are straining the lifespan of the coils, and therefore disfavouring the cotton wick

There are other factors involved, but certain liquids can kill coils off sooner than others. Thicker liquid in a mouth to lung tank will, for example, lead it to burn out sooner than others. Some coils like the Aspire Nautilus Coils or Aspire BVC Coils last longer, as they use thinner juice.

How do I know if my vape replacement coils need changing?

There is one obvious way that you will know your vape replacement coil needs changing and this is the taste. Your vape juice just won’t taste the same as it did before. But that isn’t always easy to detect as you can become accustomed to a declining flavour. You will, therefore, know if the coils in your ecig kit need changing if the following is noted:

  • Harder to inhale – tighter draw
  • Flavour is muted
  • Vapour tastes a bit burnt
  • If you have a digital display, the ohm resistance has changed from its original level

Different vape coils UK ready, last for different periods of time. Expect a starter vape kit coil to last much longer than sub-ohm kit vape replacement coils would.