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starter eliquids for new vapers

Starter Eliquids

Starter Eliquids

Finding the right type of e-liquid when you are starting out can be a real minefield. We have listed the top eliquids that you should consider in your early days of vaping. In truth, these starter eliquids will probably keep you going until you finally kick the nicotine habit for good as they are so popular.

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  • Cola Flavour Eliquid - Juice
    Cola Flavour Eliquid
    Vape & Juice
    from £4.00 GBP
    9 reviews

    Cola Eliquid Vape and Juice Cola flavoured E-Juice is one of Vape and Juices favourite choices. Available in a nicotine strength of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg,...

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  • Slushie Salts | Cola Slush | 10ml - Eliquid
    Slushie Eliquid
    £3.99 GBP

    Slushie Salts | Cola Slush | 10ml Cola Slush nic salt from Slushie Eliquids, Slushie are showing you their nicotine salts e-liquid version. Availab...

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  • Pod Salt Fusions Big Tasty Cola and Lime - Juice
    Pod Salt Fusions
    £5.99 GBP

    Pod Salt Fusions Big Tasty Cola Lime Pod Salt Fusions is an nic salt eliquid vape juice range from UK brand Fusions. They have teamed up with a num...

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  • Dinner Lady Nic Salt | Cola Shades - Juice
    Dinner Lady
    £4.99 GBP

    Dinner Lady Nic Salt Cola Shades Dinner Lady is a bit of a basic brand to be fair, they are your common and garden high street eliquid, but they ha...

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Beginner Vape Juices

As a business that was founded by someone who quit smoking using e-cigs, it's part of our DNA that we understand what makes a great beginner vape juice. We believe that they should be able to be used on ANY vape or ecig device, they should taste clean and come in a range of nicotine strengths that you could stick with from high to low. Often there are vape juices that are only made in zero or one strength. We get that many vapers don't like change of their flavours, so we have only listed those eliquids we think are great for quitting smoking with.

New vaper e-liquids

Where we talk about new vaper e-liquids, we are talking the types of eliquids that are a little runnier and can offer a bigger nicotine hit. There is no use jumping straight in with a big flashy vape kit, and a load of money wasted on eliquids that neither hit the spot, or the best vape mod that's just a bit too much tech for you. We think you should start simple, including with simpler ejuice. The best part of that, is as you change up to more premium eliquids, you will be blown away! Check out these selected starter eliquids today and if you have any questions, chat to us on our live webchat or in store.