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Replacement pods for vape kits


Pods for vape kits

If you need a fresh pod or packs of them for your vape pod kit such as Orion, Juul, Athena, Pebble, Nord, Breeze etc we have a wide range of choices and options to buy online or in our vape shops.

What is a pod?

A pod is essentially a small square or similar shaped box unit that plugs into a vape kit and acts as a tank and coil in one. Not all pod vapes have a built in coil, Juul and Myle for example do, but the Smok Nord kit offers a removable coil option. Why would they have that feature? Well in essence, it allows for a wider range of coil options for different e-liquids but also conserves plastic waste. Often the plastic part is fine for longer term use, its simply the cotton and coil inside that need replacing.

Are pods better than coils?

It really depends on the quality of the atomiser inside the pod in truth. Most often, pod ecig kits are best suited for higher PG vape juices which are geared more toward new vapers and those looking to find something most similar to a cigarette experience. If you are looking for an ecig that can handle the bigger thicker ejuices, then you will still want to look at what we call, a sub ohm vape kit.

What are the best eliquids for pod kits?

When using a more simple pod kit you will want an eliquid with higher PG content. This means they have a higher percentage of propylene glycol, which is a little thinner than some of the big bottles on the market. These are vaped easier by lower powered e-cigs. You can check out our Starter Eliquids here.

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