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Pod style starter kits

Pod Style Vape Kits

  • Snowwolf Afeng Kit - kits

    Snowwolf Afeng Kit

    £29.99 GBP

    Snowwolf Afeng Vape Kit Snowwolf Afeng Kit is Sigelei's newest entrant into the pod vape kit market. It is a crowded space, but Snowwolf mods alway...

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    £29.99 GBP

Pod Style Vape Kits

Pod Style kits have exploded onto the vape kit market! The ease of simply popping in a new pod or refilling an old one is something vapers have come to know and love. Taking away the mess of buying and changing vape coils, pod kits have been springing up left right a centre and we're happy to stock a vast range at Vape and Juice!

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If you're a lover of vaping pod kits then you will want to know when the latest and greatest are available. Why not bookmark this page and visit back in a few weeks to see how our vape pod kits have expanded!