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Showing 65–96 of 111 results

How do I find the right MTL Liquids?

Finding the right type of mtl liquid when you are starting out can be a real minefield. We have listed the top liquids that you should consider in your early days of vaping.

In truth, these starter or 10ml e-liquids will probably keep you going until you finally kick the nicotine habit for good as they are so popular. See our 50/50 vape juice range.

Sorry, what does MTL Liquid mean?

MTL stands for Mouth to lung and it refers to their use in lower-powered devices. You can see some of these types here. They are high in propylene glycol, so in short ‘High PG vape juice:

The fact they use lower power, means they need an easier to vaporise juice, that has a higher percentage of PG. This is a runny liquid that nicotine and flavour generally come infused in. As you inhale, it feels a bit more restricted, so you need to breathe it into your mouth and then again into your lungs. Hence the phrase: “Mouth to lung.”