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Mech Mods and unregulated vape mod uk

Mech Mods | Unregulated Mechanical Vape Mod

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Mechanical mods may be something you have considered if you want to up your experience. They use a much simpler power system but that does mean you should be clued up on battery safety. For more information on what this means, speak to our webchat team now in the box below. "Vape mod uk?" - we got you.

Are Mechanical Mods Dangerous?

If you don't understand battery safety and 'ohms law', then you need to be careful with selecting the right coil set up for the battery you are using. There can be some real dangers associated with this. This means a little bit of research in the beginning will pay off in the long run. Mechanical mods are for more advanced vapers and mistakes can be very dangerous. The incidents you read about online, with exploding batteries 9 times out of 10 relate to vape box mods. Make sure you take this seriously if you want to vape seriously.

Is a mech mod good for vape tricks and cloud competitions?

A Mech mod is the go-to piece of vape kit for any serious competitive vapers. The ability to build a range of coil set ups to produce the thickest clouds, lend mechanical mods to being the tool of use in cloud competitions and for vape tricks. So if you are considering modding and want to explore unregulated vape mods then shop on.

Vape Mods UK - Is this the same as a Box Mod?

Just a different term, as you will find most vape kits have, whether you are in the US, UK or even Peru. A box mod can be a regulated run of the mill vape kit, but it can also mean an unregulated advanced vappriser. If you see Mech Mods it means unregulated and something to consider when you understand battery safety.

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