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  • Jack The Dripper - Red Mist - Juice

    Jack The Dripper - Red Mist

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    Jack The Dripper - Red Mist Jack The Dripper Red Mist Vape Juice is a concoction of Brazilian Oranges and zesty Lemons complemented by a sweet hint...

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    from £5.00 GBP

Jack The Dripper

Jack The Dripper is a dangerously delicious 50/50 ejuice. With a vast range or unique flavours there is something for everyone here. Liquorice, Aniseed and fruity menthol are among the flavours available. Each ejuice is available in different nicotine strengths, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg meaning you are able to select the best strength for your vaping needs. Not to be confused with CBD eliquid which also has an Mg rating, but this does not relate to throat hits or nicotine strengths.

What strength nicotine is right for me?

Unsure what strength of nicotine is right for you? Maybe you're an ex-smoker and still want to get the same hit of nicotine or perhaps you want to try a higher or lower dosage, we have a video that will help you decide which strength is appropriate. Click here to watch our YouTube video on how to select the correct nicotine strength for this 5050 eliquid.