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Stealthy Vaping Starter Kits

If you are looking for a vape or ecig that is a little more modest in appearance and isn’t too bulky, we think you will like the selection of vape kits we have assembled for you here.

What Is A Small Vape Mod?

A small vape mod is just another name for a small vape or stealth vape mod. Mod is a bit of a legacy term that really just means a vaporiser. In the old days, it meant those devices that were modifiable. But now a small vape mod just means a small vape.

What Can Stealth Vape Mods Do?

To be fair to most of the top brands now, a stealth vape mod can do much of what the big cloud vape kits can do. They just pack a lot into a little space, generally with lower power ability and of course a smaller more discreet battery unit.

But you can still find the smallest vape stealth mod outperform many a clunky gadget.

Who makes the best small vape or mini vaporizer?

The best small vape and mini vaporizer brands include Aspire, Uwell and Smok right now. Other’s try to work on the next best small vape, but these 3 mini vape brands lead the way.

What is the smallest vape pen you sell?

While it’s not quite what you would call a small vape pen, it’s more of an overweight cut down credit-card, the Uwell Caliburn Koko, is possibly the smallest vape pen we hold as of 2020. It fits in a shirt pocket or even a wallet. It might be a small vape but it’s perfectly formed for function.