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CBD Tongue Shots


This is the main CBD Tongue Shots page. From here you can find specific types or browse for one you like the look of. If you aren't sure if its right for you. You can also click the web-chat and we can tell you.

From what is a CBD tongue shot, to where to buy, you've come to the right place, for your next dose of CBD tongue shots.

What is a CBD Tongue Shot?

A CBD tongue shot is a hemp derived CBD infused edible strip, that sits on your tongue and dissolves away. Just like a lozenge or cough sweet, the saliva in your mouth, gradually turns the tongue shots into liquid and it's absorbed into the blood stream.

What do CBD Tongue Shots Do?

CBD tongue shots are used by those who either don't want to carry around a bottle of drops everywhere they go, or maybe don't like the taste of CBD oil. For those who don't wish to take the CBD vape route, they offer an alternative way of getting mother nature's remedy in your system.

What are CBD Tongue Shots Benefits?

CBD tongue shots carry with it, just the same sources of hemp and CBD extract as many other product types. With the tongue strips it can be a more mobile way of taking your daily natural dose. CBD has a vast range of potential benefits. If you want to read our medically fact checked guide, click the link below:

What are the CBD Tongue Shot Side Effects?

Every supplement, every medicine has adverse effects, or side effects. To suggest otherwise is frankly false. It's because they can create side effects, that we supplement our nutrition with such a product. The ability for CBD tongue shots to interact with your body, means there are those who may experience some slight issues, such as tiredness, nausea etc. 

All medicines can cause side effects. NHS England

As part of our responsible approach to CBD retail, we asked our in-house medical advice team, to put together a guide on these effects. Click the link below, to read it first:

CBD Tongue Shot Reviews

If you are looking for the best CBD tongue shot reviews, or some guidance on what is the best to go for. Check out our product reviews, or drop us a message on our web chat to speak to our team.

CBD Tongue Shot Specifications

Among our total range of CBD tongue shots, we feature products with the following specifications:

  • 400 mg CBD
  • 800 mg CBD
  • Hemp Derived
  • UK Legal (Under 0.2% THC)
  • Multi-pack Sachet Packaging

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