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CBD Eliquid Cheap Online

CBD Eliquid

CBD Eliquid

Are you searching for CBD Eliquid? Then we have you covered. CBD E-liquid is considered the most bioavailable way to take Cannabidiol. This is because it enters the bloodstream via the lung capillaries quicker than it would if it's ingested in food or via the stomach with drops.

What is the right CBD e-liquid for me?

Finding the right CBD for you is a matter of trial and error and using the right CBD vape kit. We have a range of options, including full-spectrum CBD eliquid with Dutchie Originals, or if you prefer a nice flavour to go with your CBD eliquid, then perhaps check out our CBD IBZ range.

You can breakdown how you want to take your CBD vape-juice in a handful of ways:

  • Flavour - Some are made with natural taste others use more conventional pleasurable flavourings to make the experience more palatable
  • Concentration of CBD - From 1% being the common lowest level right up to 5-10%. The higher the C.B.D. concentration, the more likely to see any benefits.
  • MG - Similar to concentration, this is the sheer weight of CBD in the e-juice. Some who use more powerful vaporisers and work through liquids more quickly will be more focused on MG than concentration as they know even with a low concentration level they will reach their targeted milligram of CBD level.
  • Source of CBD. This comes down to whether you want yours made from Isolate or Broad Spectrum which assures zero or close-to zero THC. Or maybe you want the full benefit of the other plant matter and opt for full spectrum CBD. More on that later.

Is CBD Vape Oil UK legal?

We get asked often if CBD vape oil UK wise is legal and the answer 9 times out of 10 is a solid yes. Now when we say CBD vape oil, it's a bit of a contradiction, as eliquids are NOT oil and as such as safe to vape. Oil as in fatty oils, are not soluble in water and should not be vaped. So if you have a bottle of CBD drops, we strongly advise you to never vaporise them with an ecig. Fats can damage lungs. 

In the UK providing the Cannabis derived e-liquid contains less than 0.2% THC and under 1mg of the stuff that makes you high, then it's fine for sale. You will find that many eliquids in the hemp world are made from isolate. This means, the CBD is separated from the THC at the processing stage, to further eliminate any risk of ingestion of THC. 

Will CBD E liquid see me fail a drugs test?

You would only fail a Cannabis focused drug test, if the product contained such high levels of THC that they would remain in your system. We put together a short video explaining why you needn't worry below:

Common Myths about CBD eliquid

Just to set the world to rights, we wanted to list some common misconceptions on CBD e-liquid to help you understand it all a little more:

  1. CBD Eliquid is not Illegal in the UK or the EU
  2. CBD Eliquid is not made from an oil even though it's often called 'CBD Vape oil'.
  3. CBD E-juice won't make you high
  4. Nicotine should not be taken with hemp liquids as nicotine is a stimulant which can encourage anxiety and CBD is used to act as relaxant. Basically they counteract one another.
  5. You can't vape CBD oil (As in oil) as it can lead to lung complications.

What is full spectrum CBD e-juice?

Full spectrum CBD e-juice means it is made from whole plant cannabis. This ensures that as well as Cannabidiol, the source also contains terpenoids, (terpenes) which have their own physiological benefits too. From anti-anxiety to anti-inflammatory properties. If you aren't sure which CBD E-liquid is right for you, then drop us a message on the live webchat.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are organic matter such as Terpenes and CBD. These are what helps to make CBD effective in the cases seen and resulted in medical authorisation. They work on the human's cannabinoid receptor system to release natural chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin. 

Find out more about vaping CBD e-liquid or 'CBD Vape oil' UK 420 family by checking out our handy guide below: