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Are these cloud vapes Sub-ohm vape kits?

Sub-ohm mods mean the coil in the tank powering these big cloud kits, run at a low resistance. These devices are therefore all sub-ohm mods, which let you ramp the wattage right up. Sub-ohm vaping is a hugely popular part of the industry and especially regarded for its big vapours and great flavour hits.

Using a sub-ohm mod is what makes the term ‘Sub-ohming’.

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

For those new to this, you may be confused already. Sub ohm device this, or big cloud vape pen that.

Sub-ohm vaping is using a coil with a powerful resistance level below 1.0. These days it is generally considered associated with those coils that are below 0.5 ohms. This allows higher wattage to be used to reach an optimum voltage.

Essentially, more work is being put on the coils by the battery at more force. It means more juice can be vaporised at one time, this creates the thick dense clouds.

Many styles of cloud vapes can work at sub-ohm levels, but there are specific brands that are more geared up toward it, such as Smok UK.