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All day vape tanks

All day vape tanks

Tank for all day vaping

If you are looking for all day vape tanks, the kind of ecig vape tank that you can use for a higher PG, or 50/50 eliquid on a mouth to lung system, then you will find these products will be right up your street. All day vape tanks are the type of tanks that focus less on large clouds, but more on a replacement for a cigarette.

All day vaping tanks

In the arena of making a tank for all day vaping, there are a handful of brands who lead the way. In this respect we are talking about, Aspire, Smok (with their spiral tank), Vaporesso and Eden Mods. Aspire are really the industry leader, with their famous Nautilus series of vape tanks. What makes them so popular, is that they are economical to use, by conserving eliquid and work great with more simpler eliquids. They have adjustable airflow but are also known for being amongst the less likely to leak. Some larger tanks which are built for thicker high VG cloud vape juice, cannot really handle the simpler runnier eliquids. This is because their coils are larger and are prone to flooding with thinner vape juice. 

All day use vape tanks

If you don't like Aspire's range of all day use vape tanks, you should consider checking out Innokin. Innokin make a wide range of all day vape tanks too. Their tanks are often found atop their Endura range, such as the T18ii or the T-20 vape starter kits. You can check out those vape starter kits, by clicking here on ther ecig kit names.

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