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Need answers before you buy? Here’s our CBD FAQs:

What is CBD Vape Juice
CBD Vape Kits
Types of CBD Vape
How does CBD vape make you feel?
What strength of CBD vape should I take?
What wattage do I need to vape CBD e-liquid?
How often should I vape CBD?
Is CBD vape oil legal?
What is the right CBD vape oil for me?
What are Cannabinoids?
Why should I trust Vape and Juice for CBD

What is CBD E-Liquid?

CBD e-liquid is a new way to enjoy cannabinoid, containing 3 main ingredients:

VG (vegetable glycerin)
PG (propylene glycol)
CBD Isolate

It is also called “CBD vape oil”, “CBD vape juice”, or “CBD ejuice”.
Vaping is the most bioavailable way to take Cannabidiol.
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive ingredient of the Cannabis Hemp plant that does not contain psychoactives. In short, it doesn’t get you high. But it has been used for many centuries as a natural alternative to medicine.

Famously it was used by Queen Victoria and has been found in Chinese remedies for nearly a millennia. That’s a long time, therefore!
It is extracted from the cannabis plant by a number of processes and can be found in powder isolated pure form, or in oils distilled from the plant.
With commercial use, specially developed strains of plant have been cultivated to yield much higher percentages of CBD and next to no THC.

One famous example of this is Charlotte’s Web. A famous and trademarked marijuana strain that has at most 0.3% THC, yet 14% of what is later found in oils and vape liquids around the world.

Strengths of CBD Vape Juice

Here are the common strengths of CBD vape juice:

500mg CBD Vape Oil
1000mg CBD Vape Oil
2000mg CBD Vape Oil
3000mg CBD Vape Oil

The strength you want is down to personal preference, but we have a handy CBD dosage calculator here to help you decide on the strength, as well as a CBD E-liquid Calculator to help you gauge how much to take per day.

What Kits Should I Use with CBD E-Liquid?

Our range of CBD e-cigarettes are appropriate for vaping CBD e-liquid, and are typically designed to handle a higher PG mix, which prevents the leaking that may occur with other devices.

These are typically CBD vape pen-style kits, as having a smaller, more compact device tends to be more practical, and you don’t need as many options that a larger mod would provide. These vape pens and pods are also great starter kits, as they take minimal setup.

We have a full article on the best CBD vaporizers here.

Types of CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Additive/Shot

A CBD vape shot is a formula of CBD isolate and PG to add CBD to your favourite e-liquid. One of the most popular additives is the CBD Dispensary 1000mg vape shot, which has a 2ml concentration of CBD, to be used as an additive for all vaping liquids.

Full Spectrum CBD Vape Juice

Full-spectrum CBD means they are made from whole-plant cannabis. This ensures that as well as Cannabidiol, the source also contains terpenoids, (terpenes) which have their own physiological benefits too. From anti-anxiety to anti-inflammatory properties.  Full-spectrum also contains THC, but the amount of is 0.2% and within the UK legal limits, so only your VERY sensitive tests will pick it up. If you aren’t sure which CBD E-liquid is right for you, then drop us a message on the live webchat.

Broad Spectrum CBD Vape Juice (Terpenes)

Broad-spectrum CBD means that the liquid contains both CBD and terpenes, but contains 0% THC, so it definitely will not show on a drugs test. Terpenes may work to provide anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects.

Isolate CBD E-Liquid

We only stock premium CBD e-liquid isolate, from brands that have verified sources and certificates of lab analysis, ensuring you only receive the highest quality products.

CBD Vape Juice FAQs

Is CBD Isolate Vape Juice okay to use?

CBD isolate is one of the core ingredients of most products these days.
CBD isolate vape is a no THC e-liquid. That means no THC here I’m afraid. That said, isolate is a fairly organic CBD vape oil, despite the idea of it being a crystalline style powder.

It still comes from the same plant, it’s just extracted in a purer form. This is the method that well-known brands such as Harmony CBD and Koi Naturals use and proves very effective with these types of products.
An added bonus of CBD isolate is that it tends to carry less of an obvious flavour. Which means ‘winning’ for those who want a more conventional vaping taste to their e liquid. You can buy this as a CBD vape additive, sometimes called a CBD vape additive shot, or CBD vape shot.

Here at V&J, we offer an ever-growing CBD E-liquid range for sale, whatever milligram, source or flavour, we think we can meet your CBD vape liquid shopping needs.

How does vaping CBD make you feel?

Hopefully less anxious, in a better mood, able to sleep better, and a reduced daily pain toll. These are the reasons why many take CBD and anecdotal evidence suggests that millions around the world benefit in some way from using it. There are anecdotal accounts of it helping with the symptoms of depression.

What it won’t do, however, is make you feel ‘high’. As there is no THC in the vape oil, there is no prospect of you experiencing any psychoactive sensations. This is the reason that we are able to buy CBD vape liquid in the UK and in many parts of the world.

What strength CBD e-liquid should I take?

The amount of CBD you will want to vape is a personal choice, but we’ve got a great CBD calculator here to help you decide.
Then, you can use the filter button on the top left of this collection to help you better search by CBD brand, flavour type or bottle size.
The key to finding the strongest cannabis vape juice is looking for the most MG per ML. That means the more milligrams in the less liquid, is the strongest CBD e-liquid.

How often should I vape CBD?

This is very much a personal choice. There are no reported cases of anyone ever ‘overdosing’ on CBD vape oils. You are most likely going to find a self-appointed ‘self-care’ slot, that you use it in.

For some people, that may be in the morning, again at lunch and around tea time. It’s suggested to not use it right before bed. This is because anything that gets your bodies chemical receptors firing, means it’s harder for you to naturally unwind.

Best CBD E-Liquid

Finding the best CBD vape oil for you is a matter of trial and error and using the right vape kit. We have a range of options, including full-spectrum CBD eliquid with Dutchie Originals. If you prefer fruitier flavours, then perhaps check out our Ibiza range. We even stock Ignite UK, the Dan Bilzerian cannabis brand.

You can breakdown how you want to take your CBD vape-juice in a handful of ways:

Flavour – Some are made with natural taste others use more conventional pleasurable flavourings to make the experience more palatable

Concentration of CBD – From 1% being the common lowest level right up to 5-10%. The higher the C.B.D. concentration, the more likely to see any benefits.

MG – Similar to concentration, this is the sheer weight of CBD in the e-juice. Some who use more powerful vaporisers and work through liquids more quickly will be more focused on MG than concentration as they know even with a low concentration level they will reach their targeted milligram of CBD level.

Source of CBD – This comes down to whether you want yours made from Isolate or Broad Spectrum which assures zero or close-to-zero THC. Or maybe you want the full benefit of the other plant matter and opt for full spectrum CBD.

What wattage do I need to vape CBD at?

Wattage is really the wrong indicator and instead, we suggest you look at what voltage your vaporiser fires at. This is determined by the type of coil you have and the watts you use. But ultimately, we suggest a lower-powered kit, set to go no higher than 3.7 volts.

Too much heat and power can decay the vape liquid and ruin the point of why you take it. Also, you will go through it a lot faster and that isn’t very efficient.

So while watts are involved, they are only a tool to get your volts running. You can usually see the volt level on the display screen if you have one when the button is pushed. For those without a screen, aim for a coil of 0.6 ohms and above. The device will do the work for you.

Is CBD Vape Oil legal?

We get asked often if it’s legal to vape CBD, and the answer 9 times out of 10 is a solid yes.

Now when we say CBD vape oil, it’s a bit of a contradiction, as e liquids are NOT oil and as such are safe to vape. Oil, as in fatty oils, are not soluble in water and should not be vaped. So if you have a bottle of CBD drops, we strongly advise you to never vaporise them with an ecig. Fats can damage lungs.

In the UK providing the Cannabis derived e-liquid contains less than 0.2% THC and under 1mg of the stuff that makes you high, then it’s fine for sale. You will find that many CBD vape oils in the hemp world are made from an isolate. This means the CBD is separated from the THC at the processing stage, to further eliminate any risk of ingestion of THC.

Will CBD E-liquid see me fail a drugs test?

You would only fail a Cannabis-focused drug test if the product contained such high levels of THC that they would remain in your system. THC vape oil would do this as would full spectrum cbd vape juice potentially. We put together a short video explaining why you needn’t worry below:

Ultimately if drug tests are a concern you would be best to look away from full spectrum products and look for the isolate CBD vape additive instead.

Common Myths about CBD E-liquid

Just to set the world to rights, we wanted to list some common misconceptions on CBD e-liquid to help you understand it all a little more:

CBD Vape liquid is not Illegal in the UK or the EU

CBD Eliquid is not made from oil even though it’s often called ‘CBD Vape oil’.

CBD E-juice won’t make you high

Nicotine should not be taken with hemp liquids as nicotine is a stimulant which can encourage anxiety and CBD is used to act as a relaxant. Basically they counteract one another.
They can be mixed with nicotine free vape juice

You can’t vape CBD oil (As in oil) as it can lead to lung complications.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are organic matter such as Terpenes and CBD. These are what helps to make CBD effective in the cases seen and resulted in the medical authorisation from trusted pharmaceutical brands such as GW Pharma. They work on the human’s cannabinoid receptor system to release natural chemicals, such as dopamine and serotonin.

Read our guide on How to vape CBD

How should I use CBD vape juice

You might decide to use your CBD vape juice every day. Maybe you have a set time, such as first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Or you might just use the vaporiser when you are in pain or suffering from a bout of anxiety.

In terms of how to use CBD vape juice, you will want to follow the instructions of how to fill your kit. Top it up with your CBD juice and allow it to settle for 10 minutes or so. This will make sure that the e liquid has saturated the wicks, to avoid dry hits or burning your coil. (This tastes horrible and ruins your coil, so make sure you do allow it to settle!)

Why Should I Trust Your CBD Vape Juice?

We take E A T seriously in our CBD vape liquid department. This means expertise, authority and trust are factors we consider all the time. We are not medical professionals so we ensure that where we discuss the topic of CBD liquid we fact check with trustworthy sources such as WebMD and CBD studies from Harvard as an example.

From an authority perspective, we ensure that all the products we put on our shelves have a verified source and certificates of analysis. As a business, we are working to ensure those products we stock full within the work set out by Professor Davies former Chief Medical Officer.

Finally, from a trust standpoint, we have verifiable reviews using multiple platforms, such as Stamped on-site, and Trustpilot offline.