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best menthol like vape juice

Get Around the Menthol Cigarette Ban | Top Menthol Vape Flavours to Try

Menthol  ban vape juices

This is our guide to the best menthol vape juices right now.

In this review, you will learn the best choices to pick if you're trying to beat the menthol cigarette ban.

Best Menthol Vape Juices to Try 

In May 2020 there was some bad news for menthol cigarette lovers. Menthol ciggies and rolling tobacco will be taken off the shelves, along with skinny cigarettes. The idea behind this is to prevent young people from taking up smoking. 

If you love the more refreshing menthol flavour, then this will come as bad news to you. However, there is a way to get around the menthol cigarette ban while also improving your health. 

The answer here is menthol vape juice. If you are looking for starter kit inspiration. Click the banner below.

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What is menthol vape juice?

Menthol vape juice contains PG, VG and menthol flavouring. It can also contain nicotine, however not always. You add your menthol vape juice to a vape device, such as the Smok Nord to enjoy a satisfying and minty vape. 

There are also vape flavours which have combined fruits with a menthol exhale. These flavours are very popular due to their refreshing nature. 

In this blog, we will share some of our top menthol vape juices. We will let you know which type of device they are best suited to and why. If you are new to vaping and are coming off the menthol cigarettes due to the ban, then read on.

Menthol - Vape and Juice 

Menthol vape juice

If you are looking to keep it simple then you will enjoy menthol from Vape and Juice. This e-liquid provides you with a menthol blast and is ideally suited to a starter device, such as the Innokin Endura T18 two. This is because it is a high PG base, which is much thinner and can leak out of big cloud tanks. 

Choose from 0, 3, 6, 12, 18mg nicotine, depending on your need. 

Cherry Waves - I VG Menthol

Menthol vape juice

Cherry Waves from I VG Menthol is a blend of juicy, ripe cherries and an icy menthol blast. This e-liquid is a high VG at 70%, which means it is best suited to your bigger devices such as the Smok Alien. It contains 0mg nicotine, however, you can add a nic shot if you are also craving nicotine along with menthol cigarette replacement. 

Red Rocket 

red rocket vape juice


Red Rocket has been a customer and staff favourite for a while. It is a 50/50 VG/PG blend of berries cherry, eucalyptus and menthol. Due to the high PG ratio, you’ll be best off putting this in a more basic kit or pod device. The 10ml bottle comes in 3, 6, 12 and 18mg nicotine, depending on your need. 

Apple and Grape Blast - Doozy Salts 

Nic salts apple and grape menthol vape juice

Nic salts are an ideal choice for those looking to get off cigarettes when they smoked a fair few in a day. This type of eliquid does not have such a harsh throat hit as some high nicotine juices do. Apple and grape blast provides the flavour of crisp and juicy green apples, grape and a cooling menthol hit. 

Nic salts are best suited to pod kits such as the Lost Vape Orion DNA kit.

Heisenberg - Vampire Vape 

fruity menthol vape

Heisenberg from vampire vape is a mixture of flavours such as blueberry, blackcurrant mint and menthol. It is a deliciously morish flavour!

Vampire vape juices are a high PG so will be best suited to your starter kits and pod devices, rather than those huge tanks. You’ll find the e-liquid in 0, 3, 6 and 12mg nicotine if you are trying to quit smoking because of the menthol cigarette ban.

There you have 5 fantastic menthol vape flavours to help you beat the menthol cigarette ban in May 2020. You will also be able to reduce your dependence on nicotine when you vape as you can gradually reduce your nicotine level down from the top end of 18mg to 0mg. 

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