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Best High VG Dessert Flavour

Smooth and Sweet

Becky Spencer-Davies 06/06/2019 

If you are a cloud chasing sweet tooth, then you will want to know the best high VG dessert flavour e-liquid. High VG, also known as Vegetable glycerine, is the thicker ingredient in vape juice. When an e-liquid is high VG you get denser clouds and a smooth throat hit. High VG e-liquids work best in the bigger tanks, not so much your pod kit. If you own a pod and are looking for the best dessert flavour e-juice then view our beginner juices which will be 50:50 PG: VG.

What are the best high VG dessert flavours to try in 2019? 

70/30 VG/PG

£14.99 - 50ml

An absolute customer fave from Doozy Vape. This dessert flavour vape juice is a delicious taste of pastry crumble mixed with a blend of berries and a hint of cinnamon. The cinnamon adds the much-loved warmth to your vape. Doozy Vape has lots of the best dessert flavour vape juices and is certainly worth checking out.

60ml bottle filled to 50ml - 0% Nicotine

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85/15 VG/PG

£20.00 - 100ml

Big Bottle Co is another brand with some great high VG dessert flavour vape juice. The one we wanted to tell you about is Cinnamon Cream. Think freshly baked cinnamon swirl. Warm, sweet and comforting.

It is a great all day vape then will have you craving a trip to Paris for some fresh bakes.
This is a 0mg blend however, you can add your own nic shot.

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70/30 VG/PG

£19.99- 100ml

Cafe Society provides a tasty range of coffee shop flavours. With a PG:VG ratio of 30:70 and the delicious dessert flavours it is no wonder it is in our list of bests. A good way to describe this e-juice is to think crunchy hazelnut baked into a gooey cookie, oozing with sweetness.

Certainly one to try!

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70/30 VG/PG

£15.99 - 50ml

Sometimes you want something sweet and a little sour. This is a combo that is sure to awaken your tastebuds and get them tingling. Optimus Lime is a refreshing and sweet treat.

Think fresh lime and wobbly jelly. Perfect for you if you want a high VG dessert juice that is sweet and zingy.

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There is just a selection of our best high VG dessert e-liquids. If you’d like to browse through more of the sweet flavours on offer visit our dessert juices webpage.

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