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Best Dessert Flavour Vape Juice

Sweeten up your Summer!

Becky Spencer-Davies 

Who doesn't love the sweet rush of hazelnut cookie or the smooth taste of strawberries and lashings of cream? We love a sweet vape that gets the mouth-watering and taste buds tingling as you approach your next vape break. We’re going to share a few of the best dessert flavour vape juices of 2019. You’ll be desperate to get your hands and taste buds on these sweet flavours. 

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£24.99 - 100ml

This is not your standard apple flavour. It is apple flavoured butter cookies. Is your mouth watering? Think crisp green apples and smooth and sweet buttery biscuits. Then you have got yourself Anarchist Green. This is a great all day vape and perfect for cloud chasers with 70/30 VG/PG. 

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£13.49 - 50ml

Love cookies? Fresh from the oven, chunky chocolate cookies that is. We certainly do. That is why we love Doozy Vape Dream Shake as one of the best dessert flavour vape juices. Think of a gooey chocolate cookie, blitzed into a milkshake, served with thick whipped cream. Time to get to the vape shop to give this one a try. 

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£20.00- 50ml

This one will take you back to the days of getting 50p to spend down the shop. You’d go off to buy your Fizz Wizz and sherbet sticks. Absolute winner as you are sugared up to your eyeballs. No need to worry about getting diabetes with this e-juice. Double Drip sherbet mixes all flavours of fizzy sherbet sweets. You’ll remember those days at the corner shop every time you inhale

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£20.00 - 60ml

For those who like their desserts a little tangy, this is for you. Lemon Custard is a smooth, creamy custard blended with zesty lemon. You can add a nic shot to this shortfill to get your nicotine fix while you enjoy a creamy zesty custard!

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There is just a selection of our best dessert flavour vape juices. If you’d like to browse through more of the sweet flavours on offer visit our juices webpage.

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