Work in Ibiza this Summer with Vape and Juice May 19 2017, 0 Comments

It’s a big year for Vape and Juice!

We now have 17 shops in London, Kent and Essex, with our newest one opening in Ibiza this Summer.

Having a new vape shop in Ibiza means that we're currently looking for fellow vapers who know their stuff (and want to spend a Summer in the sun) to join the team.

vape shop ibiza

So, why would you want to pack up your vape case and head over for a Summer of sangria and sunsets?

Here are a few reasons why you should work in Ibiza this year:

1. You’ll save money

Really, you will! As the friendly vape shop employee, you’ll meet loads of people who will be able to get you into big nights out for free. Being a ‘local’ means that you’ll know the places to get the best deals too. You’ll probably find that you spend less on a night out in Ibiza than you do in England.

2. Everyone is happy!

People are either happily on holiday, or they’re working in the sun and loving life. When people are happy it’s infectious; there’s no one to moan about delays on the Met line, or about the fact that it’s raining...again.

3. Days off!

You’ll still get days off, just like you do in England. However, you’ll probably spend your days off down the beach, at a boat party, or chilling out in a local bar. Bit different from what you’d do back home!

4. You’ll meet people

Working in a vape shop means that you will probably have regular customers coming in. Chances are they're also working over the holiday season, so you’ll never be short of friends on the island.

vape ibiza

5. Selling what you love - in the sun!

Work doesn’t feel so much like work when the sun is shining and you’re selling something you feel passionate about. The shifts will fly by!

If you’re looking to have the summer of a lifetime, have a passion for vaping and experience working in retail, then contact us today!