What is a coil atomiser?

Becky Spencer-Davies
What is a coil atomiser?

What is a coil atomiser?

There are words that you may have heard in your local vape shop, such as RDA’s, Coils, Atomisers, and you may wonder what is an atomiser/coil? In this blog we will tell you exactly what an atomiser is and what it does in terms of vaping.

An atomiser coil does a similar thing to a clearomizer which you may have found in a basic starter kit. Clearomizers are disposable tanks and coils all in one, so when you use a device with an atomiser coil you only replace the coil and not the tank every time it burns out. Much more cost effective. 

What does a coil/atomiser do?

A coil/atomiser is part of the vape device that helps to create the vapor. The coil, which is made from resistance wire and cotton, heats up when you fire up your device, warms the cotton that has absorbed the e-liquid to create a vapour.

Over time your coil will need to be replaced as the cotton can begin to get clogged up and the flavour will start to diminish. Your coil can also burn out and will taste horrible, this happens if you don’t let the cotton absorb the juice before you vape, or if you are chain vaping with no breaks.

Atomisers, also called vape coils, come in a range of different styles to suit your device, need and experience. You are able to use disposable coil heads or build your own, if you are a more advanced vaper and fancy tinkering with your device to tailor your vape.

The coils are measured in ohms, the lower the ohms the more power they will require from your device.

Your atomiser coil will need to be replaced every 1-3 weeks, depending on how much you vape, the power behind your device and how well you care for your coil. Replacing a coil costs around £2-4, or you can buy coils in multi packs and save money.

Once you are happy that you understand what an atomiser coil is, head over to our coils page to see what we have in store.

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