What do I need to start Vaping?

Arran O'Neill
What do I need to start Vaping?
You’ve decided to quit smoking and move on to vaping - but what do you need to start vaping? It can feel pretty daunting with so many devices and juices to choose from.
Do you want to disappear under a cloud of watermelon flavour Element e-liquid? Or do you want to stick to the basic and aptly named starter kit and a tobacco flavoured juice?

So, what do you need to start vaping?

Definitely not a Cig-a-like; that’s one of those ones that looks like a cigarette and lights up at the end. If you’re quitting the fags then you’ll want something that packs a bit more of a punch.

How about a £10 vape starter kit?

Probably not. If you go for something like the supermarket cheapo pens then chances are you’ll get frustrated with the battery dying, the coiling burning out quickly and the near non-existent throat hit.
Instead go for something like the Endura T22, or the eleaf iCare which technically is a starter kit but it has more power in it than a traditional one. 

Here's our Matt with a quick review of the iCare I mentioned above.


A couple of juices –

One of the important things you need to start vaping is e-juice. Go to a shop and try out a few flavours. Try the tobacco one but my guess is once you have had a few tries of some of the great flavours (Red Rocket is my favourite!) you’ll be steering clear of the tobacco ones.  Stock up on a few juices once you have found flavours you like. You’ll also want to test out nicotine strengths too. If you’re not sure which strength you should have, speak to the shop assistant about how much you smoke now and they will be able to help you.

A spare battery or device -

Now this isn’t a thing you absolutely need to start vaping, but if you’re really trying to come off the cigs then the last thing you want is your battery to die when you’re out at a restaurant and have just eaten a huge roast dinner. Ideally, get a back up vape for times like this.
Those are the main things you need to start vaping. Have a look at our store locator for your closest Vape and Juice vape shop, and of course best of luck!

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