Vaping in Thailand

Becky Saunders
Vaping in Thailand

Vaping and vape shops in Bangkok Thailand - Vaping on holiday

Since 2014 it has been illegal to import vape pens, e-cigarettes and equipment into Thailand. It is also illegal to sell vape pens and vape equipment in the country, so there will be no where for you to stock up on e-juice if you forget yours. However, it might be best left at home, along with your device.

Many holiday makers are unaware that if you are seen vaping in Thailand then you are breaking the law as even possessing a e-cig is illegal. You will not be able to bring your device or any juices into Thailand, if you are found with them, or caught mid puff, then they will be confiscated and you could face a fine, or even up to 10 years in prison.

So if you were planning on vaping in Thailand, you might want to think again.

The Gov website writes:

“The sale or supply of e-cigarettes and similar devices is also banned and you could face a heavy fine or up to five years imprisonment if found guilty. Several British Nationals have been arrested for possession of vaporizers and e-cigarettes.”

If you’re heading over to Thailand for your holiday and have images of you enjoying a vape on the beach, or with a few cocktails under a full moon, then you might want to reconsider and leave your kit at home. The last thing you want is for your new device, with coils that you spent weeks perfecting, to be confiscated.  

One of the fines for vaping in Thailand was £125, however the fine would also have to factor in the cost of a new device and the juices that were confiscated. This man was also told that he could face jail time.

Would it be worth it to take your device to Thailand and risk vaping?

Probably not. Leave it behind and you’ll be glad to see it when you’re back home.

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