New Vape Shop - Vape and Juice Crewkerne Coming Soon March 07 2018, 0 Comments

Great news vapers of Crewkerne, Somerset. There is a new Vape Shop coming to your area soon, selling everything you need for the healthier alternative to smoking.

In the new stylish vape store, we will be selling everything from vape juice, drip tips, devices, cases, tanks and accessories. There will be a place where you can take a seat and try some juices in a relaxed atmosphere. You can chat to the staff about what it is you are after and what your preferences are.

Our staff know there stuff when it comes to vaping. They will be able to advise you on which PG:VG ratio is best for you and your device, which nicotine level you should try and what device might suit your lifestyle.

We will have a variety of devices in store at the new vape shop in Crewkerne, from starter kits, to mid range and high end. We even sell dry herb vapourisers, which we will be happy to tell you all about.

At the new vape shop in Crewkerne we will be stocking the same quality brands that our customers (and we) love. We have juices you will be familiar with from other stores, such as Sherlock Ohms, Naughty Juice, Pink Label, Vampire Vape, Pure Mist and lots more. We also have brands that you might not find elsewhere, such as Ripe Co, a fruity minty vape of deliciousness.

In the meantime, while we get your new vape shop in Crewkerne up and running, please check out our online store. You can place an order and have it sent out to you and delivered the next day. This way you will be able to preview some of our juices before the vape shop in Crewkerne opens up.