How to quit smoking in 2018 August 10 2018, 0 Comments

How to quit smoking in 2018Is your New Year's resolution to give up the ciggies once and for all? Are you looking for help with how to quit smoking in 2018?

At Vape and Juice we have helped hundreds, thousands even, of people give up tobacco. Giving up smoking promises you no more smelly breath, stained teeth or honking clothes, and not to mention all of the health benefits. But how do you quit smoking after years and years of drawing on a cigarette or roll-up?

Here are a few tips to help you finally quit smoking in 2018.

Tell your friends

Tell people you love that you’re going to give up smoking and that you might need their support with helping you to stay on track. Then they can remember not to offer you a smoke or light up when you’re around. If someone in your family or friendship group you isn’t ready to give up then you might find they are negative about you looking into how to quit smoking, but don’t worry, they’ll come around!  

One day at a time

Tell yourself you can smoke tomorrow, but not today. Tell yourself that everyday. Soon enough the days will add up and you would have come so far, you might not feel so tempted!

Change your habits

Much of the addiction to smoking is the habit. When people seek help with how to give up smoking there is usually lots of talk about habits and triggers for smoking.  If you always go outside on your lunch break for a cigarette after food, then consider something else you could do instead. Some people might chew gum, go for a walk, while others might vape.


Vaping is a great way to come off of nicotine gradually, and you can still keep up the habit of smoking without inhaling all of the chemicals found in fags. You can reduce your nicotine intake slowly to avoid coming off it all at once. Eventually you could find yourself on 0mg nicotine and have no desire for a cigarette.

Distract yourself

When you have a craving it can last for about 5 minutes. Before you give in, write a list or think up five strategies to curb the craving. If you’re out then you could go to the bar, have a dance, use the bathroom etc. Research has found that just 5 minutes of stretching or walking can reduce your cravings by your brain releasing certain chemicals.

Make a list of reasons to quit

When you are really in the depths of a craving you’ll probably forget all of the reasons you have to quit. Make sure you write them down and keep them somewhere safe. That way, when you find yourself really wanting to smoke you can take out the list and remember why you wont give in.

If you need any more advice on how to quit smoking in 2018, then stop by one of our stores where we will be able to show you the vape devices that will suit your needs.