Christmas Gift Ideas for Vapers

David Mason
Christmas Gift Ideas for Vapers

Short of an idea or three this festive season? Get them a Vape!

Does your loved one smoke or have they started vaping? Whatever your budget and whoever is the recipient of a special gift from you, Vape and Juice have a range of ideas for you this December 2015.

Drop us an email here to place your order and that's Christmas Shopping done! :))

£25 and Under 

For a Newbie:

christmas vape starter ecig kits for sale cheap

Get your buddy started with an Ego Starter Kit and K1 Glassomiser to go with it. The K1 is a higher performance juice holder than that which comes with a conventional starter ecig kit in store. The tank holds more eliquid, vapes easier and is leak proof. We can't stop you snapping it in your pocket, but we can make sure you have the best tool to start with. Add to this one of our eliquids from the Vampire Vapes or Herbal Tides range, (which we are happy to give you advice on) and you have a perfect Christmas gift for a smoker to help them start 2016 on the right foot.

Total price: £25

For a current vaper:

Why not give them a customised 30ml ejuice of their choice from our Mount Baker range. Check out the link here. Any nicotine strengty, an abundance of flavours and wide selection of PG/VG levels. Our favourites the Thug Juice.


For a hardcore enthusiast:

Throw them a Derringer dripper. A deep juice well, loads of airflow and a wide drip tip, make this a great cloud chasing tank. Its got a spacious rebuildable deck too so adding and improving coils is not so tough.


Or How about the Emergency Spares Kit...

vision spinner 2 starter ecig vape kit for sale uk review best price cheap christmas gift idea for him her 18650 batteries

  • 2 x Samsung 25R 18650 Batteries
  • 1 x 5m Pack of Kanthal Wire
  • 1 x Pack of Japanese Muji Cotton


Under £50

For a Newbie:

Hows this for a mid range starter pack - The Deluxe Starter Bundle

vision spinner 2 starter ecig vape kit for sale uk review best price cheap christmas gift idea for him

  • Vision Spinner 2 
  • K1 Aspire Glassomiser
  • 1 x 10ml Eliquid
  • USB charger 

A massive upgrade on the starter kit battery, with a battery life of almost double. Add to that it has a variable voltage setting, it allows you to adjust the temperature of your vape and how much power you want to pump through that eliquid. The K1 tank is leak proof and uses the bottom vertical coil, which means less drag on your electronic fag. We will throw in a 10ml ejuice of your choice to get you rolling, so pick from our Vampire Vapes, Herbal Tides, Pure Mist or Vape and Juice own range.

Total price: £40


For a current vaper:

aspire nautilus mini ipow 2 kanger ecig christmas gift sets kits vape special offers uk

How about a variable wattage battery with an LCD screen to display battery power and power level for easier use? Add to that one of our best selling tanks ever, Aspire's Mini Nautilus; and a 10ml eliquid of your or your special person's choice.

The platinum vape set features:

  • The Kanger IPOW 2 variable wattage battery
  • 510 and ego thread adaptor, allowing for different tank types to be used
  • USB Charger
  • Aspire Mini Nautilus Tank
  • 1 x 10ml Vampire Vapes, Mount Baker, Herbal Tides or Vape and Juice own eliquid

Total Price: £50

For a hardcore enthusiast:

The Cloud Hunter Kit

vision spinner 2 starter ecig vape kit for sale uk review best price cheap christmas gift idea for him her

This kit is the perfect gift for those cloud machines in the house. The set features:

  • 1 x Royal Hunter RDA
  • 1 x RBA Toolkit
  • 1 x Pack of Organic Cotton
  • 1 x Pack of 5m Kanthal Coil Wire

An RDA stands for - Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser. Unlike the conventional eliquid tanks, this type of 'top', sees the user simply drop their eliquid onto the exposed cotton inside it. It quickly dries out and needs topping up, but its the Blue Riband way to vape. Massive Clouds, Massive Flavour. With this kit, there's no cloud hunting required at all. There for the taking.

Bundle price of £50


Cash to burn?

For those with a little extra budget to play with, or those who want to treat themselves, check out these three top ideas to come out of Christmas looking smug as well as overweight!

The Ball-bag

balls vape ejuice for sale

Yes you read it right first time, we suggest you get your hands on our ball-bags. This little gem features all 5 of USA Eliquid Balls Vape's range of premium/gourmet eliquids that are blended to not only taste better than your average ejuice, but to create more cloud vapour too. The guys behind Balls Vape, make sure in every ejuice they use flavourings from the finest sources with far greater depth in them than the budget liquids out there. The result is, excellence. They are putting together these little sacks full of some great specimens to keep you vaping 'high grade' through January.

Total Price £39.99


The Aspire Odyssey Kit

aspire mid range vaper kit ecig for christmas gift idea hannukak present for him her vaping uk for sale

Works as nice as it looks. The Odyssey kit from Aspire, features their recently launched Triton tank and a Pegasus 70watt temperature control box mod. The device has USB charging and the tank allows for conventional vaping with a mouth to lung hit, or for sub ohm cloud chasing using the low resistance coil and a pure lung hit. This kit is a complete straddle on the vaping market. Whatever the vaper's needs, this kit hits the mark. If you're looking for an upgrade on starter ecig devices, then this does the trick, if your target present recipient is into making big clouds, then this fulfills that role too.

Total Price: £84.99


The Wismec 200W DNA Evolv Chip Box Mod

wismec 200w dna box mod vape review uk for sale cheap

Evolv is a top rated ecig chip manufacturer, any device with one of these buried inside is always a dream acquisition for a serious vaper. The Wismec Reuleaux 200 watt mod happens to have this golden ticket. 

Housing 3 x 18650 batteries it means you can use the batteries you already own, it also charges from a USD and has battery protection; so the beast won't die on you if you chuck them in the wrong way.

It has a range of personalised settings as well as offering temperature control. This is a must have for cloud chasers, it means the flavour won't break down by vaping at too high a temperature.

Look out for our upcoming review on it too.

Total Price: £139.99




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