The Vape and Juice Top 5 E-Liquid - Our best most popular vape ejuice

David Mason

Well its been nearly a year since Vape and Juice opened it's first b&m ecig shop in Southchurch, Essex and a lot has happened in that time. We thought it might be interesting to note which of the eliquid flavours our customers like to vape the most. So in no specific order and removing tobacco flavours as a given, here goes:

1. Thug Juice - A watermelon, berry and menthol mix from the USA juice makers, Mount Baker Vapour. Thug Juice is now available in both 50/50 mix and 100% VG from 3mg to 18mg. A very tasty all day vape and for its quality, cheap eliquid.

2. Red Rocket - If you like Red Astaire, you should give this flavour a try. Its a similar ejuice to Red Astaire but with our own secret recipe so it remains exclusive to Vape and Juice. Red Rocket is a fresh vape and an all dayer. Made with out colouring to ensure that it falls within the Tobacco Products Directive EU legislation that hangs over us all.

3. Crumbleberry Pie - Just like 'Mama made in the Bayou' - A dark rich blend of cherry, raspberry, pastry and sweet pie crust. We produce this in a 50/50 VGPG blend to ensure there is plenty of taste as well as vapour production. The taste is great and the price isn't bad either, one of our inhouse Vape and Juice own brands. 

4. Captain Custard/Captain Strawberry Custard - We all know there a lot of custard fans out there, so we are regularly updating and improving our custard range. This baby from Herbal Tides, is a 60/40 mix, which still produces quality vapour while maintaining a great flavour. Having tested it against its peers, if you like Colonel Custard you'll not be disappointed here, its a spot on match. A great quality custard eliquid.

5. Tough Nanny - Straight outta CLACTON - A Banana and Toffee 50/50 deep flavour mix with a subtle creamy taste. If you're trying to cut back on real desserts, try this calorie saving vape juice. In house brewed and has been a popular choice now since day one of Vape and Juice's first vape shop in Southend, Essex. 

We shall update this list next quarter as taste buds change and new flavours become more popular; but if you want to try these out pop into our vape shops in North London, Essex and Kent. (Canterbury, Clacton, Southend, Southchurch and Enfield) Or stick them in your shopping basket now and give them a try. Don't forget to use the 10% vape discount code by entering your email address and making a note of the code. 

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