Restricting sales of Ecigs to smokers only May 02 2014, 0 Comments


A recently released memo from the Department of Health in the UK, discussed the idea that sales of electronic cigarettes should be restricted to smokers only. Along with this ridiculously impossible to verify benchmark was the idea that the juices should be unflavoured to reduce the pleasure factor of vaping. Perhaps beer should have the same standard also. 

The reason for the rapid growth in take-up of e-shisha devices, is in part due to the more pleasing after taste than stinkies (cigarettes to the uninformed). This rise in usage has coincided with a fall in cigarette sales in the UK and if ever Government officials were looking for a correlation, then this should not go unnoticed either. Alas, it does.

As sales in cigarettes fall in the UK, our NHS can look forward to reduced demand upon it's services as people live longer healthier lives. This fall in tobacco sales will also hit the pockets of big UK tobacco manufacturers as vapers begin to use their disposable income in alternative ways. The wider, more even distribution of consumer spending is one huge positive that is overlooked by facile reporters for tabloid newspapers. Vaping is to all rational people, the lesser of two sins and if flavouring is required to encourage more people to quit smoking, then all the better for it. It is a pity, pharmaceutical firms did not pay closer attention to the psychology of addiction, before wasting research investment into inherently flawed cessation systems. It is a pity too that the NHS has fallen victim to these under-performing spiels for far too long. NHS staff routinely visit our shops to buy goods from Vape and Juice, doesn't say a lot for 'The Patch' now does it?


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