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Keeping prices low offline 

This week in the retail store in Southendon-sea, Essex, we were posed the question by a reporter from BBC Radio Essex; how we can keep our prices low offline. Essentially, "How can we compete with online stores?" This it seems is made all the more simple with the cost for extensive and effective SEO campaigns. Google Adwords, Facebook targeted marketing, Promoted tweets; all a higher cost than many years before - make the task of building and promoting an online store more expensive than ever. The need to source interesting and unique content, as well as staying ahead of the curve within your marketplace, makes for a full time challenge. The skill set requirement is ever changing and a solid social and digital media marketing strategy are now fundamental to the virtual shopping space. Graphic design, media management, videos, reviews and blogs; are the basics that an online brand must have nailed down to have any chance of getting well ranked. At the opposite end of the spectrum, in the land where bricks and mortar replace coding; the tried and tested methods of flyer campaigns, local business networking, convenience and word of mouth, make opening a pop-up store simple, affordable and completely refreshing. 

Traditional retail isn't dead, just some of the space's occupants have failed to keep their business fresh. They have failed to promote the obvious advantages of an offline shop and crucially they have neglected the online space as a traffic driver to a physical shop. Social media is the epitome of contemporary word-of-mouth. Where your customers are engaged in a smartphone daily; use their devices as you would once have used an 'A-frame' board. Use an 'A-frame' too and you have just doubled your efforts. Retail should be fun, it should be an experience. We as a society hark back to a golden yesteryear of local shops and friendly service. Special offers to regulars, pristine shopfronts, proud shopkeepers and an attendant who knows you personally. None of these skills have been banned, these experiences have just been disregarded by the next generation of shopkeepers. They for one reason or another may have rested on their laurels or felt impotent in the face of a changing commercial world. Change has now happened and while I survey the landscape, I still feel no greater pride that standing outside our store and looking on at a clean, well presented shopfront. 

We constantly shoot the breeze to storm for new ideas on how we can engage customers, how we can make their visits to our premises fun. An engaged prospect is much more likely a customer. We aren't there yet, we aren't where we want to be, but I am confident that traditional retail methods are the way to build our online store and our brand. Every visit to our shop should be an engaging trip, we want you to want to come back, we want you to tell your friends and family what you did today. When you tell those tales, we want Vape and Juice to be in that chat. Value, experience, convenience and lifestyle; Vape and Juice. www.vapeandjuice.co.uk