Why E-Cigs?

David Mason
Public smoking bans recognised that traditional cigarettes contributed negatively to public health. The impact on smoker's health, the dangers of passive inhalation, the smell and the destruction to property have all been reasons to curb the sale of tobacco. Electronic nicotine delivery, also known as 'Vaping' removes the tobacco, the tar and other chemicals, leaving simply nicotine, water and flavouring. The vapour released is little more than odourless water; making e-cigarettes potentially as harmful as a boiled kettle. Understandably as a new industry with little mainstream promotion, there is much confusion as to the safety of vapours and also the effectiveness as an alternative to traditional cigarettes; our mission is to bring light to the otherwise muddied waters.

Currently 700,000 people in the UK alone smoke an e-cigarette, with this figure set to double in the next 12 months (2013). Smoking is unlikely to die out as a habit in the foreseeable future; but traditional cigarettes may do. Why pay £10 a day to inhale tar into your lungs, when you can absorb the same content of nicotine via water vapour for 10% of the price.

E-Juice is the cheapest way to smoke electronically
The current e-cigarette offerings promoted most heavily in the UK are cartridge systems which are neither universal nor as cost-effective as the 'Shisha Stick' method. They require users to smoke an item that resembles a cigarette, something which causes social confusion in public spaces, but also the purchase of refill cartridges produced by the same manufacturer. This creates a client/slave relationship, a captive audience. If you are out of town and can't find replacement cartridges, you either need to buy a whole new system on sale in that area; or pick up a box of the old faithful. This doesn't make sense to us; a technological revolution in smoking shouldn't fall at the first hurdle. So what about the alternative; 'Shisha Sticks'?

The 'Shisha Stick', or e-Pen as they are also referred to, enable nicotine delivery in the form of a liquid solution, cartomised (Atomised in the UK) into a vapour. This method, allows the smoker to increase the levels of nicotine per juice, change the flavour, and even increase OR decrease the pull/drag by adjusting the electric current. Fully customisable, most mainstream 'Shish Sticks' can be updated, changed, altered and replaced where necessary. Some people take it too far though… in October 2013, the most expensive stick ever was bought for £550,000 by a Russian Oligarch for his fiancee! Covered in diamonds and Swarovski crystals, the buyer clearly couldn't put a price on his loved one dropping the 'Old' habit.

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