CBD Eliquid - Whats the buzz? Buy online - Vape and Juice online review of the hype June 03 2016, 0 Comments

CBD Eliquid is the latest name on the vaping circuit to get some rep; the unflavoured cannabidiol extract is offering up some pretty big claims, but with a ton of well backed up reviews from the medical world, we thought we would take a closer look at the next big thing. 

This May to welcome in the clumsy TPD regulation that cracks an egg with the proverbial sledgehammer, we are launching our own CBD range, Doctor Greenthumb's which will be available for sale online and in store. We wanted to stick two fingers up to the EU's TPD with a bottle that's bigger than 10ml because it has zero nicotine, but is no less contentious - call us immature - we just like to vape.

What does CBD eliquid do? What are the benefits of CBD hemp?

So CBD, lets start with what does it stand for - while I'm sure it stands for peace, hope, optimism and free love, it also spells out: Cannabidiol. Which is a natually occuring substance that makes up about 40% of the cannabis or Hemp plant's material. Doctor Greenthumb CBDjuice uses hemp protein, which makes it both entirely legal and still offers up some of the purported benefits medicinally of CBD. So lets take a look at what these claimed benefits are:

  • Unlike THC, CBD does not create a high, which makes it advantageous to users as there are no psycho-active side effects. Trying to take something that may be good for your well-being is hampered when you're stoned out of your box and looking to see if the corner shop is still open for a pallet of Tunnocks.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anticonvulsant - This is to suppress the activity of seizures
  • Antiemetic - ?? - Yeah it meant nothing to us either; apparently it means 'to reduce nausea and vomiting'.
  • Anti-oxidant - known that such products combat neuro-degenerative disorders.
  • Anti-Tumoral/ Anti-Cancer - pretty bold claim from the CBD boffins, but there are animals studies that have been conducted showing a reduction in tumours and cancerous cells from the application of CBD.
  • Anti-depressant - Yes quite opposite to it's green sticky sister with it's track record of causing long term paranoia, CBD meanwhile, it is suggested helps to combat anxiety. 

Now we have to say here first, the wonder promises of CBD come from tests on animals with diseases similar to those that humans get. We hear a unicorn with Man-Flu says it's the business!

But back to serious talk, CBD and hemp in particular is a really divisive issue around the globe, possibly in part because its related to the Cannabis plant and looks like it too; but the chances of getting high by smoking hemp or vaping CBD is less likely than if you licked the back of a Frenchman* or used a banana as a suppository. So whats the beef? Or the corn, or the hemp field, in fact it may be that its wide range of uses including the impact it has on other farming industries that has pushed it so far down the line of political allymaker. Meanwhile though, over in good ole' blighty, we don't have quite the same problems, and after a brief period when David Cameron may have been at a party that someone whipped out a blunt and a 40 (Probably Boris), the UK has desecended open arms into a period of utter liberation and of course Vape and Juice love. I went to far.

*Factually correct - no man/woman ever got high licking a companion of the European Empire's back.    

Whatever the reasons for the friendlier climate for hemp and therefore CBD, the UK seems to be as good a place as any to find out whether CBD really can do what it says on the tin. When you pick up a bottle you'll notice that it costs a trifle more than even your premium eliquids out on the market, tastes pretty plain and there is no throat kick.

It is industrially intensive when it comes to extracting the oil, which certainly doesn't make the product cheap, but with so many global production restrictions of hemp, its manufacture is limited to a few locations with many being expensive labour regions. A product only grown in fields in Cumbria, is going to be magnitudes more expensive than a society that farms with labour in prison camps. In addition to this, many environments that are conducive to farming hemp, may as well farm it's naughty sister and make a big load of Benjamin's. For UK readers, exchange Benjamin's for 'Herd of Cowells'

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 Or even pumping a fistful of Blacks

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Anyway, thats been the longest time spent to write a blog post, so for those who made it this far realise Professor Vape's not altogether normal. But if you want to come down to Vape and Juice the ecig and vape shop in N21, N6, Winchmore Hill, Enfield and Highgate, North London - you can come see what the fuss is all about yourself. Failing that, looking for a vape shop in Southend - Basildon - Colchester - Clacton - Canterbury - Hell, even Cyprus Larnaca - come down and meet the team, say hi and find out more about CBD and vaping yourself.