The new Aspire Plato UK Review April 21 2016, 0 Comments

Aspire Plato

We’ve come to expect a lot from the humble starter kit recently, variable wattage, adjustable airflow and now even temperature control. Aspire were the original pioneers of the starter kit market, encouraging us to cast aside our CE4 and ego battery combo with the release of the Aspire premium kit in 2014, which comprised of a variable voltage battery and a adjustable airflow mini nautilus. Things have changed in 2016 and once again Aspire have set the standard with the new Aspire Plato kit.


aspire plato


The Aspire Plato kit is not just a starter kit it’s an all in one personal vaporiser, it features:

  • ●  Variable Wattage up to 50w

  • ●  Temperature Control

  • ●  Unregulated bypass mode (outputs raw voltage from the included 18650 cell)

  • ●  Mouth to lung coil (Nautilus BVC included)

  • ●  Direct lung inhale coil (Plato coil included)

  • ●  Removable 18650 (included)

  • ●  Firmware updatable

  • ●  Micro USB charging (not passthrough, cable included)

  • ●  Adjustable airflow

  • ●  2 drip tips

  • ●  6ml tank capacity

How does it vape?

The Aspire Plato can be used as a mouth lung tank using the Nautilus BVC coils which in my opinion are still the best all round coils for mouth to lung vaping, I’ve found the sweet spot for these to be 12 watts with 50/50 PG/VG eliquid, in this setup the Plato delivers thick and flavourful vapour and with the ability to also adjust the airflow along with the wattage the user can dial in the perfect settings for them.

Vaping with the .4 ohm Aspire Plato coil is where this device truly shines, if you have ever tried or own the Cleito tank these coils are almost identical, plenty of airflow, huge wick holes for high VG eliquid and very long lasting. Flavour again is outstanding between 40/­50 watts and if you like complex eliquid with plenty of depth, pick one of these up as you can taste every discernable note of flavour.

Using the Aspire Plato is a dream, the combination of a small form factor, high capacity 2500mah battery, Mouth to lung and lung inhale vaping has made this my go to device. Suprisingly for a modestly priced kit the build quality is great, i especially like the brushed steel casing, very nice touch. The fire button is clicky and responsive and sits flush to the case so no accidental clicks when stored in a pocket or bag with a rocker style button for the + and ­. The display is clear and easy to read with a very intuitive menu for navigating between wattage and temperature control.

In summary, if you’re new to vaping and can’t decide whether you’d prefer mouth to lung or a lung inhale device this Aspire Plato is perfect for you, as you can have both without compromising one or the other. If you’re an experienced vaper and are looking for something a bit more pocket friendly than your Snow wolf/TFV4 combo come down to your local vape shop and take a look. Find us in Enfield Town, Bush Hill Park, Archway, Highgate, Canterbury, Southend, Basildon, Clacton, Colchester, Brentwood and Southchurch, Essex. 

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